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StarTrek NewHorizons
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Total Conversion

Grinsel, Matix, Shaggo, Swizzlewizzle, Walshicus, Harel, Janack, Osito, ZoomImpulse and many contributors

Alpha 0.9.8a

Steam workshop

ST: New Horizons is a total conversion for Stellaris offering players the ability to select from a large number of civilizations in the Star Trek universe. Lore appropriate Starships, species, events and more are provided to offer a complete Star Trek experience.

Status of the mod[edit]

ST: New Horizons is provided as Work In Progress. Current release version is (Alpha) 0.9.8.a and is compatible with Adams 1.6.2. More information and the latest patch notes can be found on the Paradox forums and on the Steam Workshop Page.

Features as of 0.9.5a[edit]

Major factions[edit]

Gameplay and story features will be focused around three major powers - Federation, Klingon and Romulans - with a number of events and features written for Cardassian and Dominion countries. Other countries will be given thematic events and developed further in later expansions to New Horizons.


  • Over 50 Species, 41 of which are playable.
  • Several clothing options for most species, with Federation, Romulan, Klingon and Cardassian species uniforms changing in line with the TV show's timeline.
  • Most civilian pops now have a variety of random clothing options.
  • Additional hair types and race options added to Human species - e.g. Indo-Chinese and Indian ethnicities.
  • 12 unique ship types currently with 2 generic ship types to fill in the gaps.


  • Read more about the New Horizons Techtree


Gameplay starts in the year 2150 and events will cover the period from that point through to the 25th century. The three major civilizations will experience "era" changes which provide new starship design options such as an Ambassador class battleship becoming a Galaxy class battleship upon an era switch.


At present we offer four different custom made static maps, each offering a different Star Trek experience. Further details are available via these links:

A choice of random maps is disabled at present, but there is one 2000 star system random map available.

Frequently asked questions[edit]

Q: What is ST: New Horizons?

  • A: ST: New Horizons is a mod for the Paradox game Stellaris set in the Star Trek Universe. ST: NH includes your favourite species from the Star Trek Shows and movies including the Klingons, Romulans and the dreaded Borg! With lore specific weapons and ships, ST: New Horizons is the fullest Star Trek experience for Stellaris currently available.

Q: What factions are currently available?

  • A: Including your favourite species such as the warlike Klingons and the deceptive Romulans, ST: NH also includes 53 playable factions: Are you a spiritualist deeply devoted to serving the Prophets? Then the Bajoran Republic is yours to command! Or do you see yourself as brilliant battle commander? Then the Klingon Empire awaits your glorious campaign! ST: NH Also includes the Profit-obsessed Ferengi, the Xenophobic Dominion and the Treacherous Romulans all yours to play!

Q: How can I play the Borg?

  • A: The Borg are currently unplayable as of version 0.9.* The Next update, Beta 0.1, will expand upon them and hopefully make them a fully playable part of the mod. In order to play them in this version the use of console commands is required, however, the Borg are not finished and not meant to be played.

Q: Are player created factions supported?

  • A: Player-made empires are not currently supported by Star Trek New Horizons and this feature will not be implemented.

Q: Can I use other mods together with ST: New Horizons?

  • A: It is possible, however, it is not recommended to use mods that make changes to files that are already edited by ST:NH.

Q: Why is my savegame crashing/buggy?

  • A: This mod is currently in Alpha, expect bugs and random crashes. Although the mod is exceptionally playable for an Alpha, it is still an alpha and therefore bugs and crashes will be common.

Q: Why are some icons and descriptions missing?

  • A: The mod is in alpha, as the team adds new features in to the mod other things will become a priority.

Q: Why do I see only placeholder texts in events?

  • A: The mod currently only supports the English language. If you would like help with localizations then please contact the dev team on Discord or the forums.

Q: How do I create the United Federation of Planets?

  • A: To form the federation you must play as one of the 4 founding races (Human, Vulcan, Andorian, Tellarite). You must increase your relations with the other 3 empires in order to form the Federation, however, you only need two of the founding races in order for the event to fire, creating the UFP. For more visit the Federation empire profile page. here.

Q: How do get new members in the United Federation of Planets?

  • A: To get new members you must get them into a coalition with you, and then using the new federation council mechanics to enhance your relationship with them. Upon completion of this, the empire will join the Federation.

Q: How do I progress through the eras?

  • A: The era system in ST: New horizons allows you to explore all of the main eras of trek, Enterprise, TOS, TMP and TNG. In order to progress through these, eras you must research certain technologies that will increase the transition. Upon complete of all relevant technologies, you will get an event that signal the advance into the next era. Note: this system is still in development, and some eras will progress quicker than others.

Q: How can I contribute?

  • A: If you are a 2D/3D artist or have experience with coding and scripting in paradox games, please contact the team on steam or the forums. If you’d like to help expanding the wiki then please contact the team on discord, steam or the forums.

Q: Kann ich ST:NH auch auf Deutsch spielen?

  • A: Ja ST:NH kann man auch auf Deutsch spielen, zur Zeit wird jede Neuerung auf Englisch eingebunden. Letztlich wollen wir unsere Mod in allen verfügbaren Sprachen anbieten können, dafür benötigen wir eure Unterstützung. Im Paradox Forum findet ihr dazu entsprechende Hilfe: Hier.


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