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StarTrek NewHorizons
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Total Conversion

Grinsel, Matix, Shaggo, Swizzlewizzle, Walshicus and many contributors

Alpha 0.9.2

Steam workshop


Star Trek: New Horizons is a total conversion for Stellaris offering players the ability to select from a large number of civilisations in the Star Trek universe. Lore appropriate Starships, species, events and more are provided to offer a complete Star Trek experience.

Status of the Mod[edit]

Star Trek: New Horizons is provided as Work In Progress. Current release version is (Alpha) 0.9.2 and is compatiable with Kennedy 1.4. More information and the latest patch notes can be found on the Paradox forums and on the Steam Workshop Page.

Features as of 0.9.2[edit]

Major Factions[edit]

Gameplay and story features will be focused around three major countries - Federation, Klingon and Romulans - with a number of events and features written for Cardassian and Dominion countries. Other countries will be given thematic events and developed further in later expansions to New Horizons.


  • Over 50 Species, 41 of which are playable.
  • Several clothing options for most species, with Federation, Romulan, Klingon and Cardassian species uniforms changing in line with the TV show's timeline.
  • Most civilian pops now have a variety of random clothing options.
  • Additional hair types and race options added to Human species - e.g. Indo-Chinese and Indian ethnicities.
  • 12 unique ship types currently with 2 generic ship types to fill in the gaps.


  • Read more about the New Horizons Techtree


Gameplay starts in the year 2150 and events will cover the period from that point through to the 25th century. The three major civilisations will experience "era" changes which provide new starship design options such as a Ambassador class battleship becoming a Galaxy class battleship upon an era switch.


Although you can play Star Trek New Horizons using a random map, it is recommended you use one of our custom made static maps. Currently, we have five static maps, two of which represent the entire Milky Way galaxy, while the other three represent the Alpha and Beta quadrants. Further details are available via these links:

Frequently Asked Questions[edit]

Q: What is Star Trek: New Horizons?

  • A: Star Trek: New Horizons is a total conversion mod for Stellaris, based on Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek, The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise and their associated movies.

Q: What factions are currently avaliable?

  • A: There are currently 41 playable factions avaliable in New Horizons from the Alpha, Beta, Delta and Gamma Quadrants. In addition, there are factions such as the Borg who not by default playable.

Q: How can I play the Borg?

  • A: The Borg are currently an unplayable empire located in the Delta Quadrant. While it is technically possible to play them via the console it is not recommended and a playable Borg empire is on the list of features to complete.

Q: Are player created factions supported?

  • A: Player created factions are not supported and currently there are no plans to implement this feature.

Q: Can I use other mods together with Star Trek New Horizons?

  • A: While it is possible that some mods will work with Star Trek: New Horizons, there is no support for other mods. We recommend that Star Trek: New Horizons is run without additional mods present.

Q: Why is my savegame crashing/buggy?

  • A: The mod is currently in an Alpha state and as a result, can be unstable/buggy at times while the mod is being worked on. In addition, save game compatiability between mod updates is not guaranteed and some events or fixes may not take effect unless a new game is started.

Q: Why are some icons and descriptions missing?

  • A: Star Trek: New Horizons is currently in an Alpha state and some icons/descriptions are currently not implemented as a result as other features take priority.

Q: Why do I see only placeholder texts in events?

  • A: Currently Star Trek: New Horizons only supports English alongside the aforementioned Alpha state. If you want to help with localisation feel free to contact us in the forums or on steam.

Q: How do I create the United Federation of Planets?

  • A: To form the United Federation of Planets, you must choose one of the founding races as your starting empire (Humans, Vulcans, Andorians or Tellarites)then build relations with the other three empires. Further details are available on the United Federation of Planets page here.

Q: How do get new members in the United Federation of Planets?

  • A: After you have successfully formed the United Federation of Planets, you unlock the bi-annual Federation Council where you get access to a unique diplomatic system that provides the tools to set research focuses, investigate wars and manage the accession progress for integrating potential memeber states.

Q: How do I progress through the eras?

  • A: As you progress through the tech tree, you will slowly acquire techs that push you towards the next era. When you have reached the requirements, an event will fire and progress you to the next era.

Q: How can I contribute?

  • A: If you have skills as 3d/2d artist or have experience with paradox coding/scripting we would appreciate it if you contact us on the forums or on Steam.

Q: Kann ich ST:NH auch auf Deutsch spielen?

  • A: Ja ST:NH kann man auch auf Deutsch spielen, zur Zeit wird jede Neuerung auf Englisch eingebunden. Letztlich wollen wir unsere Mod komplett zweisprachig anbieten können, dafür benötigen wir eure Unterstützung. Im Paradox Forum findet ihr dazu entsprechende Hilfe: Hier.