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Patch 1.6.X are all patches beginning with 1.6.


Main article: Patch 1.6


Patch 1.6.1 was released on 2017-05-16[1] with the checksum b38e.


  • Fixed AI never declaring war
  • Fixed egalitarian faction unhappiness wrongly being generated by having robot "slave" Pops (Issue with xenophiles is known, we will address it)
  • Fixed issue with AI empires switching ethics far too frequently
  • Fixed a bug allowing you to terraform planets you don't own in contested space
  • Fixed wrongly stacking "was enslaved" happiness modifiers
  • Fixed graphical error with Ringworld skies
  • Fixed issue with War in Heaven where total occupation would not equal 100% warscore, leading to neverending war
  • Added back a couple of old diplomacy rooms and fixed black background on older ones
  • Fixed not being able to construct spaceports around Ringworld sections
  • Fixed wrong tooltip text on Armageddon bombardment stance
  • Hive Minds can now properly use Full bombardment stance
  • Fixed egalitarian faction issues appearing before you have any contact with alien empires and thus no ability to fulfill them
  • Devouring Swarms now properly get -1000 opinion penalty due to being, well, Devouring Swarms
  • Fixed a rare crash when planetary Pops are destroyed
  • Fixed crash when rebels take over a planet and defect to another empire
  • Fixed missing isolationist faction issue name
  • Fixed numerous missing loc strings in languages other than English and Russian
  • Can now properly rename civilian ships again
  • Fixed missing animation for Armageddon bombardment
  • Fixed event that was endlessly firing in the background
  • Fixed an issue where Xenophobe fallen empire opinion penalty for frontier outposts was calculated strangely, leading to incorrect war declarations
  • Fixed primitive enlightenment failing in the early game
  • Reduced AI nonsensically replacing buildings in a wasteful way, disregarding tile resources


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