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Patch 1.4.X are all patches beginning with 1.4. There has so far been one 1.4.X hotfix patch.


Main article: Patch 1.4


1.4.1 is a hotfix released with Checksum 1759[1].


  • Fixed a bug where the AI would not embark their assault armies while at war
  • Fixed a case where AI vs. AI wars would never end
  • Xenophobe Fallen Empires will now cleanse planets


  • Fixed issue with the Blorg not using all of their trait points
  • Minor fixes to localization
  • Fixed a potential breakage point in the Horizon Signal chain
  • Observation stations built in a sector shouldn't belong to sector
  • Turning off Auto-Unpause doesn't break Auto-Pause anymore
  • Fixed not being able to orbitally bombard occupied planets.
  • Fixed ethics divergence from distance to capital/sector managed planets
  • Fixed CTD when in station build mode while in the galaxy view
  • Fixed the "Then Virgil, Now Beatrice" achievement not being achievable
  • Fixed some issues with garrisons on occupied worlds
  • Fixed various CTDs


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