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Patch 1.3.X are all patches beginning with 1.3. There has been one 1.3.X patch.


Main article: Patch 1.3


Patch 1.3.1 was released on 2016-10-27 with Checksum "f100"[1].


  • Fleets that go MIA will now prioritize retreating to spaceports they can repair at or where there are rally points
  • Disabling the tutorial now recycles the Advisor's RAM, granting 2 Minerals (once per game)
  • Returning MIA fleets will now appear at the edge of the system's gravity well, with an order to orbit a friendly colony queued
  • Removed restriction on moving pops in sectors, as it caused some issues with resettlement
  • Empires get high intel level in systems with Enclaves they have communications with
  • Purging now prevents all population growth
  • It is no longer possible to offer Non-Aggression Pacts while at war


  • Scaled spawn chance of the second Enclave station of each type has been doubled, resulting in 24/64/96/100/100% spawn rate in Tiny/Small/Medium/Large/Huge galaxies
  • Scaled spawn chance of the third Enclave station of each type has been increased, resulting in 18/48/72/96/100% spawn rate in Tiny/Small/Medium/Large/Huge galaxies
  • Civilian fleets can now emergency FTL much faster than military ones
  • Reduced frequency of planets with Stone Age Primitives
  • 'Alien Overlords' happiness modifier is now affected by policy happiness modifier
Diplomacy & War
  • Reduced the extra warscore cost for taking Capitals
Encounters & End Game Crises
  • Unbidden Escort ship base evasion reduced from 80 to 20
  • Swarm orbital bombards
  • Swarm changes bombardment stance
  • Swarm only builds stations within borders
  • Swarm sends fleet if it's small but can't be merged
  • Swarm can now use Full Orbital Bombardment


  • AI no longer uses torpedoes until cruisers are available
  • Fixed bug causing sectors to destroy empire and planet unique buildings when redevelopment is toggled off
  • Fixed a case where sectors would not properly keep pops enslaved
  • Sector AI now only builds military stations in systems with colonies, outpost stations and wormhole stations
  • AI countries who join the League of Non-Aligned Powers will now always stay in it for at least 20 years
  • AI will no longer ask you to become their vassal multiple times in a row
  • Fixed bug causing AI not to build stations
  • Fixed bug causing AI to build empire and planet unique buildings just to destroy them a second after
  • AI does no longer know that player is building a Spaceport
  • Fixed bug that caused AI not to build armies sometimes

User Interface

  • Save game incompatibility is indicated by gray text
  • Expansion planner shows colony ship type


  • Added new environment for Gaia planet, added new surface tiles for savannah and alpine, and fixed the LUT for alpine and savannah planets
  • Stellar Devourer spawn VFX duration reduced to 1 day
  • Added missing tech icon for tomb world adaptation


  • Frontier Hospital technology now properly requires Frontier Health
  • Fleets can now attack during warp drive wind-down
  • Added missing localization for Kicked from Federation notification text
  • Added missing localization for Federation Association Request
  • Added missing localization for Federation Association Ended
  • Added missing component set for Enigmatic Disruption Field which broke localization
  • Display all DLCs enabled by the host for clients in the multiplayer lobby
  • Fixed Fallen Empires spamming threats and remove flag effect being shown in tooltips
  • Transports now also showing fleet status
  • Fixed some events attempting to spawn removed ship designs
  • Slaver mandate is no longer valid if the country's policies disallow slavery
  • Fixed a bug where Colony Influence Cost would sometimes be too high
  • Fixed Alpine and Savannah worlds not counting towards the Habitable Worlds Survey event chain
  • Fixed CTD caused by ships trying to shoot at entities that did not exist
  • Fixed an issue with a slave faction tooltip
  • Fixed CTD when an event timed out without any valid options
  • The event window will now properly close when the event times out
  • Fixed visual artifacts on pulsar and neutron stars
  • Added missing localization for Plantoid 4 name list
  • Launcher DLC tab scrollbar appears with correct position and size when content overflows container
  • Founder species now changes when no pops of that species exist after gene modification
  • No longer possible to generate infinite resources by trading non-existent resources
  • No longer possible to trade last resource via multiple trade deals
  • Tooltip for sector settings was missing localization
  • Fixed bug causing ship designer to choose components that haven't yet been researched by player
  • Rebuilding Automated Dreadnought now gives you a ship with the same FTL system you have
  • Fixed a bug where robots could sometimes get ethics
  • Don't send double notification messages when notifying all communications
  • Fixed mapicons showing 100% habitability after building a robot pop
  • Colonization orders only cancel if player lacks resources when resources haven't yet been allocated. Canceling colonization order for colony ship built via expansion planner returns allocated resources.
  • Special projects in the same option group which time out on the same day no longer get blocked from failing properly
  • Fix an Infinity Machine event bug where a Spiritualist empire modifier from the Infinity Machine would be removed from one empire if the Infinity Machine killed a fleet from another empire
  • Second Infinity Machine contact event will no longer occur if Infinity Machine is hostile
  • Wrong event will no longer fire if fleet is destroyed by Infinity Machine
  • Dimensional Horror special project now appears in system view
  • DPS calculator and military power now take ship firing speed modifiers into account
  • Fixed missing graphics on sanctuary guardians
  • Fixed conflicting traits for Kel-Azaan
  • Fixed materialist Fallen Empire task not giving opinion boost
  • Fixed bug causing wrong player to get removed from federation in multiplayer
  • Fixed CTD when using polish or russian on Linux/OSX
  • Fixed CTD caused by game not having write privileges to its cache files


Patch 1.3.2 was released on 2016-11-10 with Checksum "2620"[2].


  • Particle Lance damage increased from 74-213 to 144-273
  • Tachyon Lance damage increased from 85-232 to 169-331
  • Arc Emitter damage increased from 1-170 to 1-184
  • Focused Arc Emitter damage increased from 1-190 to 1-221
  • Mega Cannon damage increased from 111-249 to 92-300
  • Giga Cannon damage increased from 133-265 to 121-350
  • Shield Capacitors now increase shield regeneration by +50% instead of a fixed +15.0
  • Infinity Machine rewards are now distributed more even-handedly
  • Now possible to get the best result for helping Infinity Machine regardless of ethos


  • Federation AI is now better at picking wargoals for non-conqueror federations, will focus on retaking planets and liberating larger countries
  • Fixed some more cases of Sector AI removing +happiness buildings from planets
  • Fixed a budgeting issue that was causing sectors to sometimes not build buildings when space construction was toggled on
  • Fixed an issue where AI would guarantee and then almost immediately revoke their guarantee towards a nation they are protective of
  • Fixed an issue where the 'Wary' and 'Receptive' attitudes would sometimes not be used
  • AIs that are in Federations are now more likely to stay neutral during the War in Heaven
  • Slowed down AI requests for federation membership/association status to cut down on message spam
  • Fixed a bug where AI would not rebuild depleted navies while at war because it prioritized armies first
  • Fixed a bug where AI was not budgeting for buildings and colonies in some circumstances in early game


  • Fixed a bug where the first federation member would leave, if any player tried to leave a federation, instead of the player leaving
  • Fixed auto-generated ship designs getting wrong combat computers
  • Ships and weapon components targeting logic now correctly accounts for evasion
  • Fixed armor absorbing too much damage if the ship also had shields left
  • Pops working on guardian buildings no longer appear unemployed
  • No longer possible to guarantee an empire while at war with them
  • Fixed missing localisation key FEDERATION_ACCEPTANCE_FACTOR
  • Fixed a bug where the Non-Aligned League winning the War in Heaven could result in endless event spam
  • Enclave governments now get a new ruler when the first one dies
  • Non-playable countries can no longer win the game
  • Fixed an issue where Awakened Empire subjects would not join the War in Heaven if they became a subject before it started
  • Fixed a case where declared wars would become invalid due to attackers' subjects guaranteeing the target
  • Fixed an issue where some Awakened Empires would have their 'crisis fighter' AI kick in during a War in Heaven
  • Fixed some cases where Diplomatic Incident events were firing inappropriately
  • Infinity Machine interaction events should no longer fire if the Infinity Machine has been destroyed
  • Fixed Enigmatic Fortress event chain not reacting appropriately when special projects time out
  • Fixed Drake Egg Incubation project not timing out properly
  • Fixed Infinity Machine destruction event triggering after destroying non-Infinity Machine fleets in some circumstances
  • Fixed Terraforming achievement not working
  • Fixed Continental, Savanna and Alpine worlds not being used for primitive civs
  • Fixed CTD that could happen when building tooltip for relative power in the diplomacy screen
  • Fixed rare CTD that could happen when changing policies
  • Fixed rare CTD related to anomalies
  • Fixed CTD when completing a certain Special Project


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  2. Update 1.3.2 Released [checksum 2620]