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Direct Join
Game Lobby

Scan Servers[edit]

In multiplayer when you scan for servers you are scanning servers that are closest to you. If you cannot find a specific server you are looking for, you will need to use the Direct Join function.

Direct Join[edit]

Direct Join allows you to join a specific server, when joining you will be asked for the Server ID and password (if password-protected). The Server ID is not the name of the game but rather 17 numerical digits provided by the host player. The Server ID can be found on the bottom right when in the game lobby or while in game on the top right while hovering over the game time..

Host New Game[edit]

Hosting a new game requires only the server name. A password can be added to restrict the server to specific people and tags and description can be used to give other players an overall idea of what they should expect.

Host Saved Game[edit]

Hosting a saved game requires the same field as hosting a new game, when proceeding you will be given a choice of which game to load from. Saved games are separated by Hosted player character created names (primary class) and by save game within each primary class. Single-player saved games may be loaded for multiplayer, with players selecting from among existing empires.


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