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This article is considered accurate for the current version (1.8) of the game.

A modifier is set through various files to influence a scope's gameplay state, be it a country, planet, etc.

Modifier Type Example Effect
max_rivalries Integer max_rivalries = 3 Effects how many rivalries with other empires are allowed.
all_technology_research_speed Float all_technology_research_speed = 0.10 Modifies research speed for all technologies. (0.10 would be 10 percent faster etc.)
influence_gain_mult Float influence_gain_mult = -0.1 Modifies monthly influence gain by a percentage e.g. -0.1 would reduce monthly influence gain by 10 percent.
influence_gain_add Integer influence_gain_add = 3 Modifies monthly influence gain by an integer value. (In this case adds to already existing value)
country_sector_cap_add Integer country_sector_cap_add = 1 Modifies Sector limit. (In this case adds to already existing value)
country_leader_cap Integer country_leader_cap = 1 Modifies Leader limit. (In this case adds to already existing value)
country_leader_pool_size Integer country_leader_pool_size = 1 Modifies leader's pool size (the number of leaders among which you can choose, default is 3). (In this case it increases it by one)
country_trade_attractiveness Float country_trade_attractiveness = 0.10 Modifies an empires willingness to trade with you.
country_core_sector_system_cap Integer country_core_sector_system_cap = 2 Modifies the limit of core planets controllable
country_resettlement_cost_mult Float country_resettlement_cost_mult = -0.15 Modifies the cost of resettling pops by a percentage e.g. -0.15 would reduce the cost by 15 percent.
country_ship_upgrade_cost_mult Float country_ship_upgrade_cost_mult = -0.15 Modifies the cost of upgrading your ships to the latest design by a percentage e.g. -0.15 would reduce the cost by 15 percent.
country_engineering_tech_research_speed Float country_engineering_tech_research_speed = 0.3 Modifies research speed of engineering branch technologies
country_society_tech_research_speed Float country_society_tech_research_speed = -0.10 Modifies research speed of society branch technologies
country_physics_tech_research_speed Float country_physics_tech_research_speed = -0.10 Modifies research speed of physics branch technologies
country_trust_cap_add Integer country_trust_cap_add = 50 Increases the maximum allowed trust above 100
country_subject_technology_sharing_mult Float country_subject_technology_sharing_mult = 0.30 The research bonus when technology sharing with subjects
country_vassal_naval_capacity_contribution_mult Float country_vassal_naval_capacity_contribution_mult = 0.20 The % of the vassal naval capacity contribution
country_federation_member_resource_unity_mult Float country_federation_member_resource_unity_mult = 0.05 Amount of global unity increase per federation member
country_government_civic_points_add Integer country_government_civic_points_add = 1 Increases or decreases number of available civic points
country_resource_energy_mult Float country_resource_energy_mult = 0.5 Multiplies energy gain. Empire-wide effect. (Re-added as of patch 1.5)
country_resource_minerals_mult Float country_resource_minerals_mult = 0.5 Multiplies minerals gain. Empire-wide effect. (Re-added as of patch 1.5)
country_resource_unity_mult Float country_resource_unity_mult = 0.5 Multiplies unity gain. Empire-wide effect. (Re-added as of patch 1.5)
country_resource_food_mult Float country_resource_food_mult = 0.5 Multiplies food gain. Empire-wide effect. (Re-added as of patch 1.5)
country_resource_influence_mult Float country_resource_influence_mult = 0.5 Multiplies influence gain. Empire-wide effect. (Re-added as of patch 1.5). Influence specific sources are not affected by this (like influence from rivalries etc.).
country_resource_influence_add Integer country_resource_influence_add = 1 Increases influence gain.
country_resource_physics_research_mult Float country_resource_physics_research_mult = 0.5 Multiplies physics research gain. Empire-wide effect. (Re-added as of patch 1.5)
country_resource_society_research_mult Float country_resource_physics_research_mult = 0.5 Multiplies society research gain. Empire-wide effect. (Re-added as of patch 1.5)
country_resource_engineering_research_mult Float country_resource_engineering_research_mult = 0.5 Multiplies engineering research gain. Empire-wide effect. (Re-added as of patch 1.5)
category_biology_research_speed_mult Float category_biology_research_speed_mult = 0.1 Modifies research speed of biology category's technologies.
category_statecraft_research_speed_mult Float category_statecraft_research_speed_mult = 0.1 Modifies research speed of statecraft (Building Society, so stuff like capital buildings) category's technologies.
category_industry_research_speed_mult Float category_industry_research_speed_mult = 0.1 Modifies research speed of industry (Stuff like factories, and robots) category's technologies.
category_materials_research_speed_mult Float category_materials_research_speed_mult = 0.1 Modifies research speed of materials (Kinetic weapons, armour, and certain strategic resources) category's technologies.
category_rocketry_research_speed_mult Float category_rocketry_research_speed_mult = 0.1 Modifies research speed of rocketry (Engines, missiles, and afterburners) category's technologies.
category_voidcraft_research_speed_mult Float category_voidcraft_research_speed_mult = 0.1 Modifies research speed of voidcraft (Sensors, Observatory, Strike Crafts, Military Stations, and Ring Worlds) category's technologies.
category_field_manipulation_research_speed_mult Float category_field_manipulation_research_speed_mult = 0.1 Modifies research speed of field manipulation (Shields, FTL, and Lythuric Gas) category's technology
category_particles_research_speed_mult Float category_particles_research_speed_mult = 0.1 TODO
category_computing_research_speed_mult Float category_computing_research_speed_mult = 0.1 TODO
category_psionics_research_speed_mult Float category_psionics_research_speed_mult = 0.1 TODO
category_new_worlds_research_speed_mult Float category_new_worlds_research_speed_mult = 0.1 TODO
category_military_theory_research_speed_mult Float category_military_theory_research_speed_mult = 0.1 TODO
science_ship_survey_speed Float science_ship_survey_speed = 0.20 Modifies the time it takes for the science ship to finish surveying by a percentage, e.g. 0.20 would increase the speed by 20%.
ship_anomaly_research_speed_mult Float ship_anomaly_research_speed_mult = 0.20 Modifies the time it takes for the science ship to finish researching an anomaly by a percentage, e.g. 0.20 would increase the speed by 20%.
ship_anomaly_generation_chance_mult Float ship_anomaly_generation_chance_mult = 0.10 TODO
ship_anomaly_fail_risk Float ship_anomaly_fail_risk = -0.10 Modifies the failure risk of researching an anomaly, e.g. if anomaly risk was 50% and it decreases by 0.10 then the resulting fail risk will be 40%.
leader_age Integer leader_age = 50 Adds Integer number of years of lifespan to leader
leader_influence_cost Float leader_influence_cost = 0.20 TODO
leader_skill_levels Integer leader_skill_levels = 1 Modifies Leader Skill level. (In this case adds to already existing value)
leader_admiral_influence_cost Float leader_admiral_influence_cost = -0.33 TODO
leader_general_influence_cost Float leader_general_influence_cost = -0.33 TODO
leader_scientist_influence_cost Float leader_scientist_influence_cost = -0.33 TODO
leader_governor_influence_cost Float leader_governor_influence_cost = -0.33 TODO
num_tech_alternatives_add Integer num_tech_alternatives_add = 1 Add the integer to the number of research alternatives that can be chosen.
edict_influence_cost Float edict_influence_cost = -0.25 TODO
edict_length_mult Float edict_length_mult = 0.25 TODO
species_leader_exp_gain Float species_leader_exp_gain = 0.25 TODO
shipsize_military_station_small_build_cost_mult Float shipsize_military_station_small_build_cost_mult = -0.15 Modifies the cost to build small sized military stations by percentage
shipsize_military_station_medium_build_cost_mult Float shipsize_military_station_medium_build_cost_mult = -0.15 Modifies the cost to build medium-sized military stations by percentage
shipsize_military_station_large_build_cost_mult Float shipsize_military_station_large_build_cost_mult = -0.15 Modifies the cost to build large sized military stations by percentage
shipsize_military_station_small_upkeep_mult Float shipsize_military_station_small_upkeep_mult = -0.2 Modifies the upkeep of small sized military stations by percentage
shipsize_military_station_medium_upkeep_mult Float shipsize_military_station_medium_upkeep_mult = -0.2 Modifies the upkeep of medium-sized military stations by percentage
shipsize_military_station_large_upkeep_mult Float shipsize_military_station_large_upkeep_mult = -0.2 Modifies the upkeep of large sized military stations by percentage
shipsize_constructor_build_cost_mult Float shipsize_constructor_build_cost_mult = -0.15 Modifies the cost to build constructor size ships by percentage
shipsize_mining_station_build_cost_mult Float shipsize_mining_station_build_cost_mult = -0.15 Modifies the cost to build mining stations by percentage
shipsize_research_station_build_cost_mult Float shipsize_research_station_build_cost_mult = -0.15 Modifies the cost to build research stations by percentage
shipsize_colonizer_build_cost_mult Float shipsize_colonizer_build_cost_mult = -0.35 Modifies the cost to build colonizer size ships by percentage
shipsize_terraform_station_build_cost_mult Float shipsize_terraform_station_build_cost_mult = -0.25 Modifies the cost to build terraform stations by percentage
shipsize_orbital_station_build_cost_mult Float shipsize_orbital_station_build_cost_mult = -0.2 Modifies the cost to build orbital stations by percentage
shipsize_outpost_station_build_cost_mult Float shipsize_outpost_station_build_cost_mult = -0.15 Modifies the cost to build outposts by percentage
shipsize_corvette_build_cost_mult Float shipsize_corvette_build_cost_mult = -0.2 Modifies the cost to build Corvette size ships by percentage
shipsize_destroyer_build_cost_mult Float shipsize_destroyer_build_cost_mult = -0.2 Modifies the cost to build Destroyer size ships by percentage
shipsize_cruiser_build_cost_mult Float shipsize_cruiser_build_cost_mult = -0.2 Modifies the cost to build Cruiser size ships by percentage
shipsize_battleship_build_cost_mult Float shipsize_battleship_build_cost_mult = -0.2 TODO
building_mining_network_1_build_cost_mult Float building_mining_network_1_build_cost_mult = -0.15 TODO
spaceport_ship_build_cost_mult Float spaceport_ship_build_cost_mult = -0.10 Modifies the cost to build ships in the spaceport tab by percentage
spaceport_ship_build_time_mult Float spaceport_ship_build_time_mult = -0.25 Modifies the speed at which ships are built from the spaceport tab by percentage
spaceport_module_cost_mult Float spaceport_module_cost_mult = -0.1 TODO
planet_ship_build_speed_mult Float planet_ship_build_speed_mult = 0.20 Does not work (1.0.3). Is even ignored in vanilla features like "Arms Race".
planet_army_build_speed_mult Float planet_army_build_speed_mult = -0.33 TODO
planet_army_build_cost_mult Float planet_army_build_cost_mult = -0.15 TODO
planet_building_cost_mult Float planet_building_cost_mult = 0.15 TODO
planet_building_build_speed_mult Float planet_building_build_speed_mult = 0.15 Modifies the speed at which planets build surface buildings by a percentage.
planet_building_upkeep_mult Float planet_building_upkeep_mult = -0.10 TODO
planet_resource_energy_add Float planet_resource_energy_add = 1.5 Adds resource production to planet (Working as intended as of patch 1.5)
planet_resource_minerals_add Float planet_resource_minerals_add = 1.5 Adds resource production to planet (Working as intended as of patch 1.5)
planet_resource_food_add Float planet_resource_food_add = 1.5 Adds resource production to planet
planet_resource_influence_add Float planet_resource_influence_add = 1.5 Adds resource production to planet
planet_sensor_range_mult Float planet_sensor_range_mult = 0.25 TODO
planet_migration_all_pull Float planet_migration_all_pull = 1 TODO
planet_migration_xeno_pull Float planet_migration_xeno_pull = 1 TODO
planet_border_mult Float planet_border_mult = 1.0 TODO
planet_clear_blocker_time_mult Float planet_clear_blocker_time_mult = -0.06 TODO
planet_clear_blocker_cost_mult Float planet_clear_blocker_cost_mult = -0.25 TODO
planet_colony_development_speed_mult Float planet_colony_development_speed_mult = 0.25 TODO
terraforming_cost_mult Float terraforming_cost_mult = -0.25 TODO
pc_desert_habitability Float pc_desert_habitability = 0.1 TODO
pc_arid_habitability Float pc_arid_habitability = 0.1 TODO
pc_tropical_habitability Float pc_tropical_habitability = 0.1 TODO
pc_continental_habitability Float pc_continental_habitability = 0.1 TODO
pc_tundra_habitability Float pc_tundra_habitability = 0.1 TODO
pc_ocean_habitability Float pc_ocean_habitability = 0.1 TODO
pc_arctic_habitability Float pc_arctic_habitability = 0.1 TODO
pc_ai_habitability Float pc_ai_habitability = 0.1 TODO
pc_nuked_habitability Float pc_nuked_habitability = 0.1 TODO
pc_gaia_habitability Float pc_gaia_habitability = 0.1 TODO
pc_ringworld_habitable_habitability Float pc_ringworld_habitable_habitability = 0.1 TODO
army_health Float army_health = 0.05 TODO
army_damage_mult Float army_damage_mult = 0.05 TODO
army_upkeep_mult Float army_upkeep_mult = -0.05 TODO
army_morale Float army_morale = 0.20 TODO
army_rank_increase Integer army_rank_increase = 1 TODO
army_defense_morale_mult Float army_defense_morale_mult = 0.2 TODO
army_defense_damage_mult Float army_defense_damage_mult = 0.2 TODO
army_attack_morale_mult Float army_attack_morale_mult = 0.2 TODO
army_attack_damage_mult Float army_attack_damage_mult = 0.2 TODO
ship_upkeep_mult Float ship_upkeep_mult = -0.10 TODO
ship_fire_rate_mult Float ship_fire_rate_mult = 0.05 TODO
ship_armor_add Integer ship_armor_add = 10 TODO
ship_hitpoints_add Integer ship_hitpoints_add = 1500 TODO
ship_weapon_damage Float ship_weapon_damage = 0.15 TODO
ship_shield_hp_mult Float ship_shield_hp_mult = -0.33 TODO
ship_evasion_mult Float ship_evasion_mult = 0.05 TODO
ship_combat_speed_mult Float ship_combat_speed_mult = 0.2 TODO
ship_speed_mult Float ship_speed_mult = 0.15 TODO
ship_emergency_ftl_mult Float ship_emergency_ftl_mult = -0.25 Multiplier to fleet damage taken after emergency FTL
ship_reparation_speed_mult Float ship_reparation_speed_mult = 0.15 TODO
ship_auto_repair_add Float ship_auto_repair_add = 0.02 TODO
ship_sensor_range_mult Float ship_sensor_range_mult = 0.25 TODO
ship_hitpoints_mult Float ship_hitpoints_mult = 0.2 TODO
ship_weapon_range_mult Float ship_weapon_range_mult = 0.2 TODO
ship_home_territory_fire_rate_mult Float ship_home_territory_fire_rate_mult = 0.3 Modifies firerate for ships within their own territory
navy_size_add Float navy_size_add = 0.1 TODO
navy_size_mult Float navy_size_mult = 1 TODO
damage_vs_country_type_amoeba_mult Float damage_vs_country_type_amoeba_mult = 0.2 TODO
damage_vs_country_type_crystal_mult Float damage_vs_country_type_crystal_mult = 0.2 TODO
damage_vs_country_type_drone_mult Float damage_vs_country_type_drone_mult = 0.1 TODO
damage_vs_country_type_cloud_mult Float damage_vs_country_type_cloud_mult = 0.1 TODO
damage_vs_country_type_swarm_mult Float damage_vs_country_type_swarm_mult = 0.2 TODO
pop_other_species_happiness Float pop_other_species_happiness = 0.01 TODO
pop_environment_tolerance Float pop_environment_tolerance = -0.10 Increases(positive numbers) or decreases(negative numbers) the habitability of a planet. Habitability limits max happiness.
pop_slavery_tolerance Float pop_slavery_tolerance = -0.1 Not functioning as of 1.6.2
pop_food_req_mult Float pop_food_req_mult = -0.10 TODO
pop_growth_speed Float pop_growth_speed = 0.25 Multipliers are added together and the final result is a percentage effect. 1.0 would be 100%, meaning twice as quickly. 2.0 would be 200%, meaning three times as quickly. This was changed to speed from time, to eliminate the instant pop growth caused by the previous modifier reaching -100%.
pop_growth_req Float pop_growth_req = -5.0 Added to growth requirements. E.G. if growth requirement is 25 a modifier of -5 will lower growth requirement to 20 before effects of multipliers like "fast breeders". Planet Scope.
pop_ethic_shift Float pop_ethic_shift = -0.20 TODO
pop_happiness Float pop_happiness = -0.2 TODO
pop_robot_production_output Float pop_robot_production_output = 0.2 TODO
pop_xenophobia Float pop_xenophobia = 0.2 TODO
pop_alien_slavery_tolerance Float pop_alien_slavery_tolerance = 1.0 Not functioning as of 1.6.2
pop_migration_speed Float pop_migration_speed = -0.5 Increases or decreases how quickly a pop migrates. 0.5 would be 50% quicker. -0.5 would be 50% longer. Used in traits, not confirmed if it works as a modifier in either planet or pop scope.
pop_eff_wo_slaves Float pop_eff_wo_slaves = -0.1 Pop happiness without slaves on planet
pop_fortification_defense Float pop_fortification_defense = 0.5 TODO
slave_mineral_output Float slave_mineral_output = 0.1 TODO
slave_production_output Float slave_production_output = 0.2 TODO
slave_food_output Float slave_food_output = 0.2 TODO
pop_war_happiness Float pop_war_happiness = 0.05 Not functioning as of 1.6.2
garrison_health Float garrison_health = 1.0 TODO
planet_fortification_strength Float planet_fortification_strength = 0.75 Increases the planetary fortification
tile_resource_minerals_mult Float tile_resource_minerals_mult = 1 TODO
tile_resource_food_mult Float tile_resource_food_mult = 0.20 TODO
tile_resource_energy_mult Float tile_resource_energy_mult = 1 TODO
tile_resource_physics_research_mult Float tile_resource_physics_research_mult = 1 TODO
tile_resource_society_research_mult Float tile_resource_society_research_mult = 1 TODO
tile_resource_engineering_research_mult Float tile_resource_engineering_research_mult = 1 TODO
tile_resource_physics_research_add Integer tile_resource_physics_research_add = 2 Adds resources regardless of what building is on the tile
tile_resource_society_research_add Integer tile_resource_society_research_add = 2 Adds resources regardless of what building is on the tile
tile_resource_engineering_research_add Integer tile_resource_engineering_research_add = 2 Adds resources regardless of what building is on the tile
tile_resource_food_add Integer tile_resource_food_add = 2 Adds resources regardless of what building is on the tile
tile_resource_energy_add Integer tile_resource_energy_add = 2 Adds resources regardless of what building is on the tile
tile_resource_minerals_add Integer tile_resource_minerals_add = 2 Adds resources regardless of what building is on the tile
tile_building_resource_physics_research_add Integer tile_building_resource_physics_research_add = 2 Only adds its value if the tile's building already produces some of that resource
tile_building_resource_society_research_add Integer tile_building_resource_society_research_add = 2 Only adds its value if the tile's building already produces some of that resource
tile_building_resource_engineering_research_add Integer tile_building_resource_engineering_research_add = 2 Only adds its value if the tile's building already produces some of that resource
tile_building_resource_food_add Integer tile_building_resource_food_add = 2 Only adds its value if the tile's building already produces some of that resource
tile_building_resource_energy_add Integer tile_building_resource_energy_add = 2 Only adds its value if the tile's building already produces some of that resource
tile_building_resource_minerals_add Integer tile_building_resource_minerals_add = 2 Only adds its value if the tile's building already produces some of that resource
building_time_mult Float building_time_mult = -0.05 TODO
alliance_influence_cost Float alliance_influence_cost = 1 TODO
rivalry_influence_gain Float rivalry_influence_gain = 0.5 TODO
max_energy Float max_energy = 500 Adds energy storage capacity to country
max_minerals Float max_minerals = 1000 Adds mineral storage capacity to country
megastructure_build_speed_mult Float megastructure_build_speed_mult = 1.0 Modifies the speed at which mega-structures are built at by percentage.
mod_megastructure_build_cost_mult Float mod_megastructure_build_cost_mult = -1.0 Modifies the cost of mega-structures by percentage.
country_trust_growth Float country_trust_growth = 0.25 TODO
faction_surpression_cost Float faction_surpression_cost = -0.25 Modifies monthly influence spending by faction suppression
policy_happiness_impact Float policy_happiness_impact = -0.25 Modifies policy happiness effect?
planet_unrest_add Float planet_unrest_add = -0.25 Adds a certain amount of unrest for a planet
faction_happiness Float faction_happiness = 0.25 Adds a certain amount of happiness for a faction
faction_influence_mult Float faction_influence_mult = 0.5 Multiplies faction influence
federation_naval_cap_contribution_mult Float federation_naval_cap_contribution_mult = 1.00 TODO
subject_tribute_mult Float subject_tribute_mult = 0.10 TODO
subject_influence_gain_mult Float subject_influence_gain_mult = 0.5 TODO
subject_integration_influence_cost Float subject_integration_influence_cost = -0.33 Multiplies influence cost for subject integration
modify_species_cost_mult Float modify_species_cost_mult = -0.50 TODO
pop_government_ethic_attraction Float pop_government_ethic_attraction = 0.20 Multiplies the attraction level of the government ethics


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