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This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version of the game. It was last updated for 1.2.
A Blorg Hugbox class Defense Station.

Once the Technology project Deep Space Outposts has been completed, a Construction Ship can be directed to build a Defense Platform. Platforms, and their successors the Station & Fortress, provide a heavyweight static defense for planets, spaceports and other valuable locations.

Defense Station technology is part of the Engineering Research.png Engineering deck, and their specific category is Voidcraft.png Voidcraft.

Each platform can be given an "aura" by way of a technology installation. This aura gives the Station a set of benefits within a certain range of the station. The effects of these include delaying FTL charge times, reducing opponent shields values, reducing opponent fire rates, repairing allies, minefields and decreasing in-system engine speed. While Battleships can be given most of the auras, they cost them significant energy and minerals, as well as being often lesser versions. The Stations provide significant firepower and powerfull auras for their cost, but in turn are immobile. As of 1.2 they can be upgraded.

The Despotic Empire.png Despotic Empire (and the advanced Star Empire.png Star Empire form) government types allows the construction of an oversized military platform.

Defense Platform[edit]

Technology C Cost Effects Description
Deep Space Outposts Voidcraft.png 240 This will enable the construction of defensive deep space platforms far from the gravity wells of a planetary body.

This small station has a base of 2000 HP, limited weapon & utility slots, but is the first level of deep space defensive structure that can be built, can carry 1 support module and 2 large weapons or hangars from the start.

Defense Station[edit]

Technology C Cost Effects Description
Deep Space Stations Voidcraft.png 900
  • Unlocks Station: Defense Station
New construction methods will allow for the construction of even larger military stations in the depths of space.

This station has a base of 4000 hull points. They have 4 sections slots available. Section choice comprises Light, Medium & Heavy station sections, with 4 light, 2 medium and 1 heavy weapon slot respectively. All three Sections provide 1 small, 1 medium & 1 large utility slot. There may also be additional section choices, such as hangers for fighter or bomber craft if they have been unlocked.


Technology C Cost Effects Description
Deep Space Installations Voidcraft.png 2320 These massive installations are like cities floating in space. They can support a crew of thousands and are often equipped with firepower rivaling that of a fleet.

This huge station has a base of 8000 hull points and can be quite capable of defending itself against large enemy fleets. It has 4 section slots available. Section choices are Light, Medium & Heavy weapons sections, with 8 small, 4 medium & 2 large weapon slots respectively, and a Hangar Station section (if researched) with 2 Hanger slots. Each section provides 2 small, 2 medium & 2 large utility slots. These sections allow for twice the number of weapons and utilities as a Defense Station. It can also carry 2 support auras, making powerfull combinations possible (like FTL inhibtor + Minefield).

Related Technology[edit]

Technology C Cost Effects Description
Corps of Engineers Voidcraft.png 1500
  • Military Station Build Cost: -15%
  • Military Station Health: +25%
The creation of a dedicated naval engineering corps will greatly benefit the construction of deep space defense platforms, decreasing building costs and increasing durability.
Synchronized Firing Patterns Voidcraft.png 1980
  • Military Station Damage: +10%
Cross-linking weapon systems to fire in staggered volleys improves the actual damage output of military stations over time.

Oversized Station[edit]

The tooltip for this station in the build menu is misleading as the station acquires a buff after being built. The buff gives: +2% To Hit, +50% Weapon Damage, +50% Armor, +50% Shield and +50% HP


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