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This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version of the game. It was last updated for 1.3.

This is a quick reference for the different aspects of scripting some fleet events, triggers etc.

Fleet Orders[edit]

The list of known fleet orders, used to define the current fleet action (i.e. has_fleet_order, used in Conditions).

Some samples of orders usage: https://gitlab.com/stellaris/irm/snippets/29660

Order Description
aggressive_stance_fleet_order Ship/fleet stance is aggressive
assist_research_order Ship/fleet is going to assist research on planet
auto_explore_order Ship/fleet is going to automatically explore space
build_orbital_station_order Ship/fleet is going to construct any orbital, mining or research station
build_space_station_order Ship/fleet is going to construct any military station
collect_data_fleet_order Ship/fleet is going to collect data from debris or ambient object
colonize_planet_order Ship/fleet is going to colonize planet
follow_order Ship/fleet is following the ship/fleet
merge_fleet_order Ship/fleet is going to be merged
move_to_system_point_order Ship/fleet is moving to a point
land_armies_order Ship/fleet is going to land troops on planet
orbit_planet_order Ship/fleet is going to enter orbit of planet
rally_point_fleet_order Ship/fleet is rallying to a point
repair_ship_fleet_order Ship/fleet is going to be repaired
research_anomaly_order Ship/fleet is going to research anomaly
return_fleet_order Ship/fleet is returning
survey_planet_order Ship/fleet is going to survey planet
upgrade_design_fleet_order Ship/fleet is going to be upgraded
  • italics orders - orders which are not studied or probably not working

Fleet Locking[edit]

Fleet could be locked by set_event_locked = yes effect.
This will prevent any orders to this fleet. Don't forget to unlock it later.


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