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This article is considered accurate for the current version (1.4) of the game.
Before you ask - no, we will not share our technology. - Any Fallen Empire
A Fallen Empire on the galactic map.

Fallen Empires are large and extremely powerful empires that have become old and stagnant with their societies grown inward over the ages.[1] Their empire is fully developed at the start of the game. Due to their large and powerful fleets, they should not be provoked until your fleet strength and technology is similar. At normal difficulty, their approximate fleet power is 34k but can be as large as 68k, depending on the size of their empire and the size and type of the galaxy. Fallen Empires use a unique ship and station art style which is exclusive to them, which distinguishes them from ships of ordinary empires; there are four visual variants of this style but they are otherwise identical in terms of ship configurations.

Fallen Empires can only normally be controlled by the AI, though Console commands allow a human player to switch to them in the course of a game.

It is impossible to vassalize a Fallen Empire, and they are rarely interested in peace offers once a war has begun. When engaging in a conflict with them, it is essential that an empire be fully prepared to deal with the consequences and be prepared to carry through on any demands made. Whilst they cannot be vassalized, a Fallen Empire's planets can be annexed (via the Cede option) or turned into a new state (using the Liberate goal), creating a new empire that may then be taken in as a vassal - and is highly likely to agree to such an offer, due to sharing the liberator's ethos choices along with positive modifiers from automatically-established non-aggression agreements and guarantees of independence.

A Fallen Empire's species is randomly generated but can also be picked from one of the premade empires that aren't spawned on the map. For example it is possible for a human Fallen Empire to generate.


Fallen Empires can fall into a few basic Behaviour classes: Sleeping, Awakened, Guardian and War in Heaven. By default there can be only 1 empire outside of the Sleeping State, with the minor exception of War in Heaven. The fallen empire must still have a Fleet Power over 40k to be eligible for any of these to happen.


The default stance of any Fallen empires in the Galaxy.

Despite their size and power, they remain isolated and uninterested in the other younger empires outside of their borders unless provoked. They never colonize any new systems and they do not add new pops. They are initially passive towards other empires. Unlike other AI empires, which require a special research project before communication is established, they will instantly contact you when you unwittingly enter their space. The Fallen Empire in this state can not build ships, so every ship a sleeping empire loses will remain lost. However an event will give them ships if their fleet power is very low while they are at peace.

Diplomacy is less nuanced with them, as they think of themselves as superior to all other empires and are rarely interested in any kind of trade - even the Enigmatic Observers, who can be quite friendly to lesser empires, strive to avoid interfering in the development of the younger empires through direct intervention or trade. They always start with their Borders closed, however they may open them if relations improve sufficiently.

Sleeping empires may occasionally make requests to an empire, such as giving them a pop unit or a scientist. These request have an immediate downside for the benefit of increasing relations midterm. Should their opinion fall below -75 they might attempt to humiliate the targeted empire via a request. Should it be refused, they are likely to declare war and will likely seek to conquer planets. On the other hand, should their opinion towards a younger empire go high enough they may bestow gifts to the said empire, such as ships or access to their technology databanks.


Giants in the playground... - player response to the first Awaking Empire

A Fallen empire in this state stops being passive and attempts to shape the future of the galaxy, having considerable technological and starting resource advantages even compared to mid- or late-game empires. The following rules apply to standard awakening (which might trigger a war in Heaven):

  • At least 100 Years must have passed, their Fleet power is above 40,000 and they are not at war.
  • A default Empire getting too strong (40k/50k/60k Fleet power, respectively in Normal, Hard and Insane difficulties) or has Conquered a Fallen Empire World
  • There has been no Awakening and No Guardians of the Galaxy Awakening.
  • The MTTH is 50 Years, modified as following:
    • If there is more than one Fallen Empire in the game, the MTTH is multiplied by the number of Fallen Empires
    • If an Empire has 60k/80k/100k Fleetpower, the MTTH halved
    • If a Fallen Empire Planet was taken by a default empire, the MTTH is cut by 10
    • If the Global Flag "high_awaken_chance" is set, the MTTH is cut by 100. There is no event that set that flag so it is likely for debugging purposes.
  • This is not an Endgame Crisis.
  • The Fallen Empire's entry in the Contacts list is updated with a new name and is placed in the "Others" section instead of "Fallen Empires".
  • Because the Awakened Empire is a new Empire replacing the Fallen Empire, a new first contact will occur.

The awakened empires will change their government type to Awakening Ascendancy and participate in galactic affairs more openly and aggressively with their own agenda. Anyone choosing not to obey their orders could face a long, tough war with the overwhelming might an awakened empire can bring to bear. However, their fleets are the most reliable guardian forces when the entire galaxy is under threat of endgame crisis.

Crisis Empires, sleeping Fallen and awakened Fallen empires do not count as default type. However liberating a Fallen Empires worlds will create a default empire owning those planets, triggering an awakening.

Guardians of the Galaxy[edit]

Join us. Only together can we prevail against that which threatens us all - Benevolent Interventionist guardians

The Enigmatic Observers or the Keepers of Knowledge can awaken in response to an endgame Crisis with the declared goal of ending said crisis. If one of them has already awakened before a crisis they will become guardians as soon as the crisis starts. On normal difficulty it is likely that they will be able to stop the crisis single-handed, especially if they awakened before the crisis occurred.

Guardian Fallen Empires have protecting the galaxy as their sole goal. If the Enigmatic Observers or the Keepers of Knowledge were awakened before the crisis they will stop their vassalization plans and attempt to rally the galaxy instead. This attitude persists even after the crisis is stopped.

The chance of a Fallen Empire becoming a guardian is rolled as part of the Crisis itself and varies based on the Crisis. If it is triggered, Guardian awakening happens within 5-10 years of the Crisis properly starting. If both the Enigmatic Observers and the Keepers of Knowledge exist on the map it is more likely than not that one of them will become guardians.

Note that guardian awakening is in addition to normal awakening and the War in Heaven. There appear to be no lockouts against both guardians if multiple crisis are modded in, but due to the change in Empire type one Empire can not awaken more than once. If a Guardian and Normal Awakening happens, this will not trigger a war in Heaven. But the two sides might still collide as normal for their Empire types and preferred ethos.

Only the Enigmatic Observers or the Keepers of Knowledge can turn into guardians or awaken as them. The Holy Guardians or the Militant Isolationists will never awaken as guardians and should they have awakened before the crisis they will continue with their domination plan instead.

War in Heaven[edit]

It's like two giants, fighting in a sandbox. They don't even care who is getting stepped on anymore - Susan Ivanova, Babylon 5.

War in Heaven is a special state where 2 Fallen Empires awaken and launch a Great War against one another, with the normal races as pawns in their game.

The requirements are as following:

  • Another Empire must have awoken 10 years before.
  • The first Awakened Empire must not have become so through the Guardians of the Galaxy trigger.

The War in Heaven is not guaranteed; it merely has a certain chance to happen 3650 days after the first Empire Awakening. The odds for that happening are weighted as follow:

  • 40: No War in Heaven
  • 40: War in Heaven with a Fallen Empire of opposite Ethos, if one exists (Xenophobe-Xenophile, Materialist-Spiritualist)
  • 20: War in Heaven with a Fallen Empire of non-opposite Ethos, if one exists

All normal empires are faced with 4 choices:

  • Sign up with either of the two Awakened Empires.
  • Join the "League of Non-Aligned Systems", in which normal empires band together to defend themselves against the predations of either of the two warring Empires.
  • Remain entirely neutral on the matter and hope that they don't get noticed by anyone.
  • Empires that were already subjects of the first Fallen Empire will side with their overlord.

A menu called The War in Heaven will appear below the Outliner showing the progress of the war. Should one Fallen Empire emerge victorious they will annex the territory of the defeated Fallen Empire and force its contributing subjects to cede multiple planets to his own subjects who contributed. For example should the Benevolent Interventionists defeat the Jingoistic Reclaimers, every subject of the Jingoistic Reclaimers who contributed significantly to the war will be forced to cede multiple planets to subjects of the Benevolent Interventionists who contributed significantly to the war.

Subject empires who supported the winning side but did not contribute enough will not be granted planets. On the other hand, subject empires who supported the loser but did not contribute enough may not be asked to cede planets although it will be asked to become a subject of the winning empire.

Fallen Empire AI Personality[edit]

Fallen empires[edit]

Fallen empires have unique personalities compared to regular AI empires; They can only have one ethos, which will be fanatic.

Personality Characteristics Behavior modifiers Ethos Description
Enigmatic Observers
  • Liberator
  • Multispecies
  • Angered by unethical species treatment
  • Usual wargoal is to prohibit slavery and purges or to liberate captured worlds.
  • 0.5x Aggressiveness
  • 2x Bravery
  • No.png Border friction
  • No.png Threat
  • Fanatic Xenophile.png Fanatic Xenophile
This Fallen Empire dedicates itself to the study of the younger races. Purging and enslaving other species may draw their ire.
Holy Guardians
  • Always keeps borders closed
  • Angered by colonizing holy or tomb planets
  • Usual wargoal is cleansing a planet
  • 1.5x Aggressiveness
  • 2x Bravery
  • No.png Border friction
  • No.png Threat
  • 0.5x Trade willingness
  • Fanatic Spiritualist.png Fanatic Spiritualist
This Fallen Empire dedicates itself to the preservation and defense of its holy sites. Colonizing systems that they consider sacred is likely to incur their ire.
Keepers of Knowledge
  • Angered by pursuing robotics
  • Usual wargoal is to outlaw artificial intelligence.
  • 2x Bravery
  • No.png Border friction
  • No.png Threat
  • 0.75x Trade willingness
  • Fanatic Materialist.png Fanatic Materialist
This Fallen Empire dedicates itself to the hoarding of technologies that it believes should be kept out the hands of young and irresponsible races. Pursuing dangerous lines of research may draw their ire.
Militant Isolationists
  • Always keeps borders closed
  • Angered by colonizing near its' borders
  • Usual wargoal is to humiliate an empire or cleanse a planet
  • 2x Aggressiveness
  • 2x Bravery
  • No.png Threat
  • No.png Trade
  • Fanatic Xenophobe.png Fanatic Xenophobe
The Fallen Empire dedicates itself to the defense of its borders against any intrusions. Colonizing systems that border them is likely to draw their ire.

If an empire colonizes a holy planet or tomb world before discovering the Holy Guardians they will reveal themselves to the said empire.

Awakened Fallen Empires[edit]

When a Fallen Empire awakens, their personality, government and country type change to one of the following four personalities:

  • Militant Isolationists become Jingoistic Reclaimers, and will try to conquer the galaxy.
  • Holy Guardians become Doctrinal Enforcers, and will try to convert the galaxy to their faith.
  • Enigmatic Observers become Benevolent Interventionists, and will try to force all other empires into becoming a signatory to a galactic peace treaty.
  • Keepers of Knowledge become Watchful Regulators, and will try to force all other empires to accept their technological primacy.

Regular empires will be able to avoid their wrath by submitting to them as a subject, with a special subject type for each of the four:

  • Jingoistic Reclaimers have Thralls, tributaries who may not colonize but can fight and conquer planets from each other.
  • Doctrinal Enforcers have Dominions, tributaries with enforced spiritualist ethics and government.
  • Benevolent Interventionists have Signatories, subjects who may not wage war, enslave or purge, but are otherwise independent.
  • Watchful Regulators have Satellites, a special form of tributary who must pay a share of their research to their overlord and are required to ban all AI.


If it is our technology you are after, we would be all too happy to arrange a demonstration. - Angry Fallen Empires

Fallen Empires start with all standard, rare and dangerous technology including all technologies limited by ethos, as well as with five levels in every repeatable technology. They do not however have any of the special technologies such as Enigmatic Deflectors that are only available through reverse engineering or special events.

Fallen Empires have no labs on any of their planets and do not research further repeatable techs. After becoming Awakened Ascendancies they may build labs, but will still not set any research.


Fallen Empires own highly valuable systems. The planets of their home system in particular contain multiple complexes built using ancient technology that produce exceptionally high amounts of the basic resources. Depending on galaxy shape and empire placement, Fallen Empires will often control several other minor systems which are partially built up using regular buildings, and are of the Fallen Empire's primary race's preferred habitat (Ocean, Continental, Tundra etc.). However, should a Fallen Empire end up spawning at the tail end of a spiral arm where star systems are fewer, or if the game options set few habitable worlds, they may only have their home system and one other.

  • The Keepers of Knowledge own two ring worlds. Their home system, called the Beacon of Infinity, contains an intact ring world although its surface contains mostly ancient ruin tile blockers. Their other ring world lies in a system called the Beacon of Stability and is largely broken but contains a habitat segment which is intact. Nearby these two systems is a third ring world system called the Beacon of Perpetuity, but it is entirely ruined. They have a black and green color motif for their ships, stations and cities.
  • The Holy Guardians home system contains two fully developed gaia worlds. The Celestial Throne, a maximum size world which is their homeworld, and Sky Temple. They have a light-blue and light-gold/silver motif for their ships, stations and cities.
  • The Militant Isolationists home system contains two fully developed gaia worlds. Their home planet, a world of maximum size called The Core, and its fully developed moon, called Boundary. They have a sinister black and red motif for their ships, stations and cities.
  • The Enigmatic Observers home system contains a gas giant known as Sky Father, orbited by multiple fully developed gaia moons. A nearby system will contain The Preserve, a large gaia world containing xeno preserves and at least three random alien species. This planet may end up preserving pops of other species in the galaxy through the requests of the Enigmatic Observers. They have a bronze and blue motiff for their ships, stations and cities.


Fallen Empire ships.

Fallen Empires do not use the standard ship types that are used by normal empires. Instead they have Escorts, Battlecruisers and Titans. Escorts are the same size as Destroyers and Battlecruisers the same size as Battleships. The Titans are extra large and use 20 fleet capacity. These ships look different to any normal empire ships and have preset designs that cannot be changed in the ship designer even if the Fallen Empire becomes an Awakened Ascendancy.

While their ships are very powerful Fallen Empires do not normally build new ones even to replace ones that have been destroyed. As such any ship lost is a permanent reduction to their strength. However if a Fallen Empire becomes an Awakened Ascendancy they can replenish their fleets and do so at a frightening pace. Escorts have a build time of 30 days while their counterparts the Destroyers take 120 days to build. A Battlecruisers build time is 100 days compared to the 480 days it takes to build a Battleship. Titans take 700 days to build.

While each type of Fallen Empire have their own ship designs, they all share some commonalities across the board. All ships use Zero Point Reactors, Neutronium Armor, Hyper Shields, Impulse Drives and Tachyon Sensors, and all weapon modules used are of the highest tier. The Battlecuisers and Titans make heavy use of Advanced Strike Craft. All Fallen Empires also use Jump Drives and Sentient Combat Computers. The exception being Holy Guardians who use Psi Jump Drives and Precognitive Interfaces instead. In addition the Titans of every Fallen Empire use the same special Titan Laser, capable of obliterating almost every battleship in one shot.

The exact military power, hull points, armor and shields may vary somewhat due to different weapon systems and access to Strategic Resources. However the military power of Titans is usually somewhat below 10k, the military power of Battlecruisers around 2.2k or higher, and the military power of Escorts somewhat above 300. Their general lack of high tracking weapons makes them vulnerable to Corvette and Destroyer swarms (with Destroyers bringing large and Point Defense Weapons). Also all their bigger ships lack Point Defenses, making them vulnerable to torpedoes after the small ships are defeated. With the below noted exceptions.

Keepers of Knowledge[edit]

  • Alpha-class Titans
    • 1 Titan Laser
    • 2 Bomber and 2 Fighter Hangars
    • 4 Large Lasers
    • 4 Large Disruptors
    • 4 Medium Laser
    • 6 Large Armor, 6 Large Shields
    • 3 Shield Rechargers, Battleship Computer
  • Beta-class Battlecruisers
    • 2 Bomber and 2 Fighter Hangars
    • 2 Tachyon Lances
    • 2 Large Disruptors
    • 4 Medium Lasers
    • 3 Large Armor, 3 Large Shield
    • 2 Shield Rechargers, Destroyer Computer
  • Gamma-class Escorts
    • 1 Large Disruptor
    • 4 Small Lasers
    • 2 Point Defense
    • 3 Medium Armor, 3 Medium Shield
    • 1 Shield Recharger, Destroyer Computer
  • Omega Class Stations
    • 5 Large Disruptors
    • 5 Large Lasers
    • 5 Medium Disruptors
    • 5 Medium Lasers
    • 4 Point Defense
    • 9 Large Shields, 10 Large Armor
    • 4 Shield Recharger
  • Sigma Class Stations
    • 5 Large Disruptors
    • 5 Medium Lasers
    • 2 Point Defense
    • 5 Large Shields, 5 Large Armor
    • 2 Shield Rechargers

Noticeble Properties:

  • Double Fighter/Bomber capacity on Battlecruisers
  • Strong Anti-Shield and Anti-Armor ability, with slight focus on Anti-Shield

Holy Guardians[edit]

  • Eternal-class Titans
    • 1 Titan Laser
    • 2 Fighters and 2 Bomber Hangars
    • 8 Large Missiles
    • 4 Medium Plasma
    • 6 Large Armor, 6 Large Shields
    • 3 Shield Rechargers, Battleship Precog Computer
  • Avatar-class Battlecruisers
    • 1 Bomber, 1 Fighter Hangar
    • 2 Large Arc Emitters
    • 2 Large Plasma
    • 4 medium Swarmer Missiles
    • 3 Large Armor, 3 Large Shields
    • 3 Rechargers, Pre 1.3 Precog Computer
  • Zealot-class Escorts
    • 1 Energy Torpedo
    • 4 Small Plasma
    • 2 Point Defense
    • 3 Medium Shields, 3 Medium Armor
    • 1 Shield Recharger, Pre 1.3 Precog Computer
  • Bulwark-class stations
    • 5 Large Missiles
    • 5 Large Plasma
    • 5 Medium Swarmer Missiles
    • 5 Medium Plasma
    • 4 Point Defense
    • 10 Large Shields, 10 Large Armor
    • 3 Shield Rechargers
  • Faith-class Stations
    • 5 Large Plasma
    • 5 Medium Swarmers
    • 2 Point Defense
    • 5 Large Shields, 5 Large Armor
    • 2 Shield Rechargers

Noticeable Properties:

  • Very high amount of tracking, making Evasion unfeasible.
  • Limited Anti-Shield ability. High Missile Reliance.
  • Precog Computers for all Ships

Militant Isolationists[edit]

  • Imperium-class Titans
    • 1 Titan Laser
    • 2 Fighter and 2 Bomber Hangar
    • 8 Kinetic Artillery
    • 4 Flak Batteries
    • 6 Large Armor, 5 Large Shields
    • 1 Afterburner, 3 Rechargers, Battleship Computer
  • Supremacy-class Battlecruisers
    • 1 Bomber and 1 Fighter Hangar
    • 2 Mega cannons
    • 2 Kinetik Artillery
    • 4 Flak Battery
    • 4 Large Armor, 2 Large Shields
    • 1 Afterbuner, 1 Recharger, Cruiser Computer
  • Glory-class Escorts
    • 1 Kinetic Artillery
    • 4 Small Autocannons
    • 2 Point Defense
    • 3 Medium Shields, 3 Medium Armor
    • 1 Afterburner, Cruiser Computer
  • Reaper-class Stations
    • 10 Kinetic Artillery
    • 10 Flak Point Defense
    • 4 Point Defense
    • 10 Large Shields, 10 Large Armor
    • 4 Shield Rechargers
  • Devastator-class Stations
    • 5 Kinetic Artillery
    • 5 Flak Point Defense
    • 2 Point Defense
    • 5 Large Shields, 5 Large Armor
    • 2 Shield Rechargers

Noticeable properties:

  • Afterbuners and Cruiser Combat computers means they will get into close range quickly
  • Exceptional Point defense and Long range artillery, at cost of Medium Slot and Tracking weaponry
  • Lack of Shield Rechargers for the Afterburners

Enigmatic Observers[edit]

  • Keeper-class Titans
    • 1 Titan Laser
    • 2 Bombers, 2 Fighters
    • 8 Kinetic Artillery
    • 4 Medium Lasers
    • 6 Large Armor, 6 Large Shields
    • 3 Shield Rechargers, Battleship Computer
  • Custodian-class Battlecruisers
    • 1 Fighter, 1 Bomber
    • 2 Tachyon Lances
    • 2 Large Lasers
    • 4 Medium Mass drivers
    • 3 Armor, 3 Shields
    • 2 Rechargers, Destroyer Computer
  • Warder-class Escorts
    • 1 Kinetic Artillery
    • 2 Small Mass drivers
    • 2 Small Lasers
    • 2 Point Defense
    • 3 Medium Shield, 3 Medium Armor
    • 1 Recharger, Destroyer Computer
  • Sentinel-class Stations
    • 5 Kinetic Artillery
    • 5 Large Lasers
    • 5 Medium Mass drivers
    • 5 Medium Lasers
    • 4 Point Defense
    • 10 Large Shields, 10 Large Armor
    • 4 Rechargers
  • Watcher-class Stations
    • 5 Kinetic Artillery
    • 5 Medium Lasers
    • 2 Point Defense
    • 5 Large Shields, 5 Large Armor
    • 2 Rechargers

Noticeable Properties:

  • Computer and Weapons prefer long range, standoff fight in tight formation

Empire titles[edit]

Fallen Empires use empire names different than that of regular empires, usually referring to the fact that they once were much more powerful and extended than they currently are. These titles include :

  • Ancients
  • Archivists
  • Ascendancy
  • Chroniclers
  • Continuum
  • Conservers
  • Core Worlds
  • Enclave
  • Forerunners
  • Guardians
  • Homeworlds
  • Primacy
  • Progenitors
  • Remnants
  • Shard
  • Successor State
  • Unity
  • Watchers

Tips for fighting Fallen Empires[edit]

For all their ancient technological might, the arrogance and inflexibility of these ancient giants proved their undoing, and now they are gone, reduced to no more than another set of broken ruins of the past. - Game narration

With 1.3, Fallen Empires Warfare got drastically reworked and the 3 cases for Awakening have been added, meaning one must now differentiate between fighting a still sleeping and an awakened Fallen Empire. General rules:

  • Fallen Empire Battleships have "2 additional" Extra Large Slots as of 1.3. Which means they will field 2 Tachyon Lance Level weapons on top of a full complement of Strike Craft. These heavy weapons should be the biggest concern as they can pick any fleet trying to stay on long range apart. However they are not slouches in short range weapons either so even after negating the main defenses, they will be a tough battle.
  • Each empire prefers a specific set of weapons that might be tied to the Ethos they have. Kinetic and Energy Weapons have been observed, as well as swarm missiles and bomber/fighters. Ships should be tailored to a empires Specific loadout, to maximise effectiveness. While a awakened Fallen Empire can build new ships, it can not redesign them. So once the weapons are known, ships can be designed around them.
  • They start with 5 levels of every repeatable technology, but do not seem to research more - even when awakened. Do not try to out-tech them unless you are really far ahead.
  • Fallen Empire fleets are far more powerful than the diplomacy menu or fleet power counter might suggest. Their fleets will easily destroy enemies twice more powerful. Before declaring war on Fallen Empires, consider the possibility of losing most, or even all, of your assault fleets. Because of that, other players in multiplayer or powerful AIs will most likely declare war on you during your war with a Fallen Empire, so either leave some of your fleets behind or set your all of your sectors to focus on military for safety.
  • Their land armies most likely will be a lot more powerful than yours, capable of easily annihilating your troops in land battles and even taking planets with full Fortifications. Try to intercept and destroy any of their transport ships you see. However as the AI will let transports ships follow the main fleet, this will not be easy.
  • Be warned that taking any Fallen Empire planets increases the chance of one FE awakening massively (to a near certainty), if that did not already happen.

Sleeping Empire[edit]

The still sleeping empire does not build ships, which makes them vulnerable to a war of attrition or multiple declarations of war in succession. Corvette swarms equipped with Anti-shield and Anti-Armor weaponry and maxed out evasion should prove quite effective against them and their medium to extralarge guns, but do not fare that well against the Fighter Strike Craft or the Materialist Arc Emitters. Their fleets will be at least two 40k blobs, possibly more depending on difficulty. The main goal in the first war should be to acquire their technology via salvage, as this can drastically improve the chances in a second war. Their troop transports should be defeated while in space as they can capture even a fully fortified planet with a normal stack. Do not try to acquire any planets. Doing so will undoubtedly trigger an awakening.

Awakened Fallen Empire[edit]

If that happens or not, your longterm goal has to be to acquire as much territory as possible, in particular that of the still sleeping Fallen Empires to acquire their massive resource income and their technology. Once you do have comparable base technology and income, you actually stand a chance in a open war. Be advised that any Planet they capture means an additional Spaceport they might build.

If a crisis occurs the Benevolent Interventionists or the Watchful Regulators may become guardians of the galaxy. They will stop trying to make other empires become Signatories or Satellites and form a federation instead.

Fallen Empire can become Awakened Fallen Empire in one of these ways:

  1. A crisis (If a Fallen Empire is awaken by a crisis, they may will try to be the leader to repel the crisis.).
  2. A normal empire growing stronger (via fleet power).
  3. War in Heaven event chain.
  4. Fallen Empires' planets controlled by other empires.

Awakened Fallen Empire can build ships and expand its/their territory.

War in Heaven[edit]

Siding with one of the two awakened fallen empires is the best choice available. Not only does it offer the best chance of survival but should you make a significant contribution to the war and win, the joined empire will bestow most of their conquered territory, likely a very large portion of the galaxy, to the subjects that contributed enough. The fewer worthy subjects, the more each of them gains.

Joining the "League of Non-Aligned Systems" is a very dangerous option due to the fact that few empires will do the same, leaving your small group to fight most of the galaxy. However, an already potent Federation may find its numbers and members swelling when such a war begins.

Remaining entirely independent however, is advisable for only the most powerful or most pathetic of empires.


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