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This article is considered accurate for the current version (1.4) of the game.

Events are random situations that might happen from time to time. When an event happens, you will be greeted with a pop-up window on your screen with one or more action buttons. When you make a choice in an event, it will sometimes generate a new item on your Situation Log. Here you can pursue activities related to this event, usually a research activity. Events can happen through expansion on a planet's surface, exploring anomalies, or simply at random over the course of time.

Some events can have specific rewards but most of them have general rewards in the form of basic resources and research points that grow larger later into the game.

Story Events[edit]

These events are guaranteed to happen on every game. They will occur very early. The narration of each event will differ based on ethos and the government type.

The Discovery of Alien life[edit]

This event occurs after the existence of life outside the empire's homeworld is discovered for the first time. The favor text differs based on whether the discovery is life that is not sentient, precursor traces, spaceborne aliens, another empire, a primitive civilization or a fallen empire. Discovering alien life for the first time will grant Society Research.png society research points.

The First Colony[edit]

When the first colony of an empire is founded, a message describing the founding of the colony is received and the empire will be granted 60 Engineering Research.png engineering research points.

Habitable Worlds Survey[edit]

Our xenobiologists have urged us to survey any worlds with an active biosphere that we come across. They are eager to learn more about the diverse alien ecosystems found throughout the galaxy.

After a small number of planets are surveyed the opportunity to start the Habitable Worlds Survey event will pop up. Refusing to start it will grant 20 Influence.png influence instead.

The event requires 8 habitable worlds to be surveyed. The task is completed especially quick on games with a higher percentage of habitable worlds set up. Completing the event will grant a leveled amount of Energy Credits.png energy credits and Society Research.png society research.

Completing the Habitable Worlds Survey will lead to a followup event called Alien Specimen Procurement shortly afterwards. It requires collecting specimens from 7 different habitable planets that have been surveyed, one of each type, and will grant another large amount of research, credits and influence.

The Birth of Space Piracy[edit]

File:Space Pirate Base.png
A space pirate base.

This event is triggered shortly after colonizing the first planet outside your home system.

When the event is triggered three asteroid bases with between 60 and 90 military power each and an associated Space Pirate fleet (consisting of four Raiders, a unique type of ship, obtainable through the "Space Hangar" event chain or "Exiled Pirates" event) with about 120 military power will spawn in a system in or near the player's borders. They will give themselves a name, (usually something like "The Rebellion" or "Blood Clan") and every ship in their fleet is given a name as well (usually a profane word or a slang word) Immediately after spawning, space pirates may prove themselves extremely annoying as they begin attacking the player's empire's infrastructure (usually going for mining stations, but they can attack frontier outposts as well). After their initial fleet is destroyed they will regenerate a new one after 50 to 150 days. Destroying their base shuts down the pirate rebellion once and for all.

Possibly acting as a demonstration for weapon counters, one asteroid outpost will be armed with lasers, one with mass drivers and one with missiles.

Researching their remains unlocks a reverse-engineered technology: Nanocomposite Materials or a tier 1 weapons technology not possessed by the player such as Red Lasers. They also can give access to Point Defenses. Destroying each Station will yield a decent amount of resources.


Shortly after colonizing a number of planets three random pops on one of them will be infected with a new infectious disease. Most ethos have the option to kill the infected pops for a cost of 100 Influence.png influence. The other option, available to everyone, is to attempt to cure it.

Killing the infected pops will either end the event instantly or not be enough, causing three other pops to become infected and once again bringing the option to kill them for a 50 Influence.png influence cost or attempt to find a cure.

The plague causes -20% Mod pop happiness.png happiness and Mod habitability.png habitability and it will likely infect most population on the planet. However a cure will eventually be researched, curing everyone. The reward for choosing the long way is 250 Influence.png influence and Society Research.png society research and a Plague Memorial building on the planet which adds a permanent 10% Mod pop happiness.png happiness bonus. It is not known if infected migrating populations can transmit the disease to other planets.

A memorial to remind the people of the horrible disease that once haunted their home. Stands as a testiment to the survival of the nation.

The Precursors[edit]

In Stellaris there are five long dead precursor empires. They predate even fallen empires and are responsible for creating a few of the Guardians. Their ruins and ships are scattered across the galaxy and when the first trace of their empire is found the precursor event chain will appear in the situation log.

  • The Vultaum are the eldest, their empire existing 12 million years ago.
  • The Yuht ruled 6 million years ago.
  • The First League existed 2 million years ago.
  • The Irassian Concordat is 1 million years old.
  • The Cybrex are the most recent, active a mere 600,000 years before the events of Stellaris.

Once the event chain is started you will have to uncover and explore various traces and ruins. Once the event chain is complete you will have access to all the resources of what once was their home system.

A New Species[edit]

Shortly after Tech gene tailoring.png Gene Tailoring is researched if there is a colonized planet with a Mod habitability.png habitability lower than 50% and and least 3 pops, some of its population will genetically modify themselves to the planet's environment. Their traits will also be changed to a new random set and the planet they adapted to will be considered their homeworld. It should be noted that they can gain Tomb World habitability this way.

If the original species, and by extension the modified one, are not Pacifist.png Pacifist or Xenophile.png Xenophile then not long after the alteration occurs tensions between the genetically modified and unmodified species will rise. Both species will become Militarist.png Militarist and Xenophobe.png Xenophobe if not already.

Shortly afterwards the conflict will escalate. Both modified and unmodified species will randomly carry out attacks against each other, killing a random pop on the planet each time. As a result the genetically modified population will further alter themselves to gain the upper hand with the Strong.png strong and Rapid Breeders.png rapid breeders traits. Eventually the conflict will end without further notice. There is no reward except for the newly created species, which may or may not be desired.

Rare empire event chains[edit]

These event chains have a very small chance of appearing during a game. They will either appear very early or not appear at all.

Sublight exploration probes[edit]

There is a chance that before developing an FTL drive your empire sent four exploration probes into deep space. Probes that contain information about your species that other empires might use against you. As such, an event chain to recover them will start. It is possible that a neighboring empire will unknowingly destroy one or more probes, which is also an acceptable outcome.

One of the probes will have drawn a subspace anomaly which has to be defeated. Defeating it will grant Physics Research.png physics research.

Successfully recovering all 4 probes will grant Physics Research.png physics research and Energy Credits.png energy credits.

Radical cult[edit]

A cultist fleet reveals itself in the home system and starts attacking. Their fleet is almost equal to the starting fleet but the spaceport's weapons will make the fight very easy. Their ships will be equipped with space torpedoes and fusion reactors, allowing these technologies to be salvages. One of the ships will be disabled instead of destroyed, starting a special project to board the ship.

After the ship is boarded three cultist hideouts will be revealed in different systems. The first is no different from the one destroyed earlier and the second one is barely stronger. The third fleet contains a unique but still weak warship. The warship is equipped with deflectors and nanocomposite armor, allowing the technology to be salvaged if not already researched. After the last fleet is destroyed a special project to examine the warship debris will start.

After the debris is examined recovered logs will reveal the location of the cultist base. Their shipyard is located in a system far from the home system and is strong enough to repel average attacks due to being equipped with a particle lance. A large corvette fleet or destroyers are recommended when attacking it. Destroying the station will grant Engineering Research.png engineering research points and reveal that the cult leader was not present. A far greater reward is the Tech energy lance 1.png Particle Lances tech which can be salvaged from the station. The shipyard can be destroyed by a neighbor empire as well, proceeding the quest but depriving you of the reward.

Eventually the cultist flagship will be found. It can be disabled and boarded. The cultists, their leader included, will commit suicide. The reward is the cultist flagship.

Mass extinction through the ages[edit]

Nomad events[edit]

These events can happen while the Nomads are present in the galaxy.

Nomad settlers[edit]

As they reveal when asked to tell more about themselves, a small number of Nomads are interested in leaving the fleet and settling in the galaxy. It is possible that an empire will be asked to take in a small number of Nomad pops on one of their planets. Nomad pops are Individualist.png Individualist, Spiritualist.png Spiritualist and Xenophile.png Xenophile and have Trait pc desert preference.png desert preference. Accepting to take them in will add 3 Nomad pops to one of your worlds but refusing then will cost 50 Influence.png influence.

Nomad colony[edit]

Rather than settle on a colonized world the Nomads might show interest in creating their own colony and will ask for permission to settle on a planet within an empire's borders. Agreeing will allow them to found a capital and form a Namarian empire with a diplomatic relationship bonus towards their benefactors. It will also grant 100 Influence.png influence. Once again, refusing their request will cost 50 Influence.png influence.

Nomad trade[edit]

It is possible for the Nomads to want to remove excess ships from their fleet. They will offer 15 cruisers equipped with plasma weapons and arc emitters and around 4000 total fleet power in exchange for 3000 Minerals.png minerals and 1500 Energy Credits.png energy credits. If asked to lower the price there is a 50% chance they will lower it to 2000 minerals and 1000 credits, otherwise they will politely refuse to reduce it. If the offer is accepted the fleet will arrive in 30 days at the empire's capital.

Even more rarely it is possible for another empire to accept a similar offer at the same time and you to be offered to have both fleets sent to you instead for an additional cost of 1000 Energy Credits.png energy credits.

Event types[edit]

There are six types of events:

  • event - event for an entire game
  • country_event - event for an entire empire
  • planet_event - event for a planet
  • fleet_event - event for a fleet
  • ship_event - event for a ship
  • pop_faction_event - event for a faction
  • pop_event - event for a population unit
  • crisis event there are only 3 and can be detailed in crisis page has an effect on an entire galaxy

Basic Behavior[edit]

By default an event lies dormant and check every object in the game, every day, forever. So every day the event will fire for all objects in the game that fulfill the trigger condition.

You can change this behavior with the following tokens:

  • is_triggered_only = yes

This will prevent the event from checking on all objects in the game. It will only check objects it specifically was 'put on'. You can put an event on a specific object by calling the appropriate event-command within the objects scope, for example:

random_planet = {
    planet_event = { id = my_planet_event.1 }
  • mean_time_to_happen = { months = 5 } or mean_time_to_happen = { days = 15 }

This will add a delay to the event. Once the trigger condition is fulfilled the event will delay itself for a random time around the mean time.

  • fire_only_once = yes

This will prevent the event from firing again, even if the trigger condition remains fulfilled.

Event pages[edit]

The following is a list of all events files as found in the /Stellaris/events/ folder.

  • Anomaly events 1
  • Anomaly events 2
  • Anomaly events 3
  • Anomaly events 4
  • Anomaly events 5
  • Anomaly events 6
  • Anomaly failures 1
  • Anomaly failures 2
  • Anomaly failures 3
  • Anomaly failures 4
  • Colony events
  • Colony events 2
  • Colony events 3
  • Colony events 4
  • Communications Spread
  • Country events
  • Country events 2
  • Crisis events
  • Crisis events 2
  • Crisis events 3
  • Faction events
  • Fallen Empire events
  • Galactic features events
  • Leader events
  • Mandate events
  • Nomad events
  • Observation events
  • On-action events
  • Orbital bombardment
  • Pirate events
  • Pop events
  • Pretender events
  • Primitive events
  • Progress events
  • Story events
  • Tech Risk events
  • Uplifting events
  • Advisor events
  • Game start
  • Test events
  • Tutorial events

Special projects[edit]

Special projects[1] are quest-like events. They are usually spawned by anomalies, but can also be triggered by certain events. Most projects requires sending a science ship with a skilled scientist in order to begin analysis.


  1. The files can be found at the /Stellaris/common/special_projects/ folder.
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