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This article is timeless and should be accurate for any version of the game.
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Developer diaries are articles, sometimes accompanied by videos, published by Paradox to describe the game design in detail.

Synthetic Dawn[edit]

All developer diaries about Synthetic Dawn expansion and patch 1.8 (aka Čapek).

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Crises & The Contingency Improvements done on the crises front with a major revision of the AI uprising crisis. 2017-06-01
2 The Čapek Update Changes and improvements to Habitability and Terraforming coming in 1.8. 2017-06-15
3 Genemodding Templates Changes coming to genetic modification in the 1.8 Čapek update. 2017-06-22
4 Fallen Machine Empire Tweaks to fallen empires in 1.8 along with a new synthetic-type fallen empire in the upcoming story pack 2017-06-29
5 Hive Mind & Tradition Improvements Added flavor improvements for Hive-Minds/Devouring Swarms along with traditions flavor changes 2017-07-06
6 Ethics Voice Packs New voice-over sets for VIR the trusted in-game friendly advisor 2017-07-13
7 Robomodding & Robot Changes Unique robotic traits, robot template modding and related assortment of robo-changes in the works 2017-07-20
8 Ship Component & Balance Changes Changes to ship design and combat behavior rework 2017-07-27
9 Machine Empires Synthetic Dawn Story Pack & new kinds of robotic empires 2017-08-03
10 Machine Uprisings Machine Uprisings feature in the Synthetic Dawn story pack 2017-08-10
11 Synthetic Dawn Music Andreas Waldetoft, the in-house composer, on the new tracks for synths included in the upcoming story pack 2017-08-17


All developer diaries about Utopia expansion, patch 1.5 (aka Banks), patch 1.6 (aka Adams) and patch 1.7 (aka Bradbury).

Patch 1.5 (Banks)
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Ethics Rework Reworked empire and pop ethics, as well as a new outlook on factions 2016-12-08
2 Unity and Traditions Banks 1.5 will introduce new mechanics 2016-12-15
3 Ascension Perks The new Ascension mechanic and its following 'species endgame' paths coming in Banks 2017-01-12
4 Species Rights Changes to pops: species rights/obligations, new degrees of slavery and purging, refugees, core worlds and more. 2017-01-19
5 Habitats Your new home above your home 2017-01-26
6 Megastructures Megastructures: the headline feature of the Utopia expansion. 2017-02-02
7 Psionics and The Shroud Psionic Ascension Path 2017-02-09
8 Indoctrination, Unrest and Faction Interactions Wiz goes into details on indoctrinating pre-FTL species, new unrest system for factions and ways to interact with them 2017-02-16
9 Government, Civics and Hive Minds Banks focus on internal politics warrants a government rework 2017-02-23
10 Synthetic and Biological Ascension A closer look at ascension paths 2017-03-02
11 Minor Features and Tweaks Empire-wide Food, Terraforming Candidate anomaly, War Demand cost reducing, UI improvements 2017-03-09
12 The Music of Utopia Andreas Waldetoft composed some new music 2017-03-16
13 Graphics & Interface in Banks Changes to the map in Banks 2017-03-23
14 Update 1.5 Banks Patch Notes Full Patch Notes 2017-03-30
Patch 1.6 (Adams)
No. Title and Link Description Date
15 Introductions and Farewells Rikard Åslund (Zoft), master of dad-jokes, passes the project lead torch to newcomer Jamie Wood (Jamor) 2017-04-13
16 Beyond Utopia Revisiting the old priorities list and the future beyond Utopia 2017-04-20
17 The Adams Update (part 1) Ruined megastructures, split taxes sectors, sector stockpiles and new art assets in 1.6 Adams 2017-04-27
18 The Adams Update (part 2) Devouring Swarm civic for Hive Minds, terraforming enhancements, and full patch notes. 2017-05-04


All developer diaries about Leviathans Story pack, patch 1.3 (aka Heinlein) and patch 1.4 (aka Kennedy).

Patch 1.3 (Heinlein)
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Back in Action Focusing on addressing community feedback in Heinlein 2016-08-01
2 Heinlein Patch (part 1) Auto-explore, rally points, expansion planner, strategic resource rework 2016-08-08
3 Heinlein Patch (part 2) Ship roles and weapon re-balance 2016-08-15
4 Heinlein Patch (part 3) Changes to planet habitability and federations/alliances, sector improvements and more galaxy setup options 2016-08-22
5 The Fallen Changes to Fallen Empires in Heinlein, and also "The War in Heaven" events 2016-08-29
6 Space Creature Rework Grounding space creatures to a regional 'nexus' and expansion of space piracy 2016-09-06
7 Ship Balance More details on ship roles and weapon re-balance 2016-09-12
8 Enclaves Enclaves coming in Stellaris: Leviathans 2016-09-19
9 The Guardians The Guardians are the headline feature of Stellaris: Leviathans 2016-09-29
10 Roar! And Boom! A look at the sound and music of Leviathans 2016-10-06
11 Graphics & Portraits New graphics and portraits coming in Heinlein and Leviathans 2016-10-13
Patch 1.4 (Kennedy)
No. Title and Link Description Date
12 The Journey Ahead Current status and general plan for the future 2016-10-27
13 Extradimensionals and Precursors Kennedy update news - precursors and extradimensionals 2016-11-03
14 New Achievements Kennedy hails with 32 new achievements 2016-11-10

Post-release patches[edit]

All developer diaries about post-release patches, patch 1.1 (aka Clarke) and patch 1.2 (aka Asimov).

Patch 1.1 (Clarke)
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 The Maiden Voyage Paradox' plans for the next three Stellaris patches 2016-05-16
2 Clarke Patch UI, AI and empire builder improvements, balance changes, bug fixes 2016-05-24
3 QA in Space A little light on QA work 2016-05-30
Patch 1.2 (Asimov)
No. Title and Link Description Date
4 Asimov Patch (part 1) Diplomacy improvements, border access and embassies 2016-06-14
5 Asimov Patch (part 2) Better looking battles, map modes, nomad fleets, slave factions, new wargoals, diplomatic incidents 2016-06-20
6 New Skyboxes Variation added to the universe with the introduction of new Skyboxes 2016-06-27

Base game[edit]

All developer diaries about Stellaris (base game).

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 The Vision Design goals 2015-09-21
2 Art Vision Artistic choices 2015-09-28
3 Galaxy Generation How galaxies are generated 2015-10-05
4 Means of Travel About FTL propulsion 2015-10-12
5 Empires and Species What sets species apart 2015-10-19
6 Rulers and Leaders Role that characters play 2015-10-26
7 Science Ships, Surveys and Anomalies Science ships and events 2015-11-02
8 The Situation Log and Special Projects Event journal 2015-11-09
9 Planets & Resources Planetary differences, resource collection methods 2015-11-16
10 The Spaceport and rare resources Spaceport upgrades and rare resource use 2015-11-23
11 Research & Technology The hidden, semi-random tech tree 2015-11-30
12 Policies & Edicts Empire-wide policies, temporary edicts 2015-12-07
13 Primitive Civilizations Study, enlighten, or infiltrate the natives 2015-12-14
14 Uplifting and Subspecies Uplift and tailor pre-sentients, alter your own people 2015-12-21
15 Fallen Empires Powerful, isolationist AI empires 2016-01-04
16 Colony Events Events to set your planets apart 2016-01-11
17 Ship Designer Choose a design's sections, and fill their weapon and utility slots 2016-01-18
18 Fleet Combat Weapon/defense types, hands-off combat, and emergency FTL 2016-01-25
19 Diplomacy & Trade Trade negotiations and subject types 2016-02-01
20 War and peace War goals and war score 2016-02-08
21 Administrative Sectors Few directly managed planets, AI-managed sectors 2016-02-15
22 Alliances and Federations Multilateral alliances and closely cooperating federations 2016-02-22
23 Multiplayer 32-player multiplayer and enhanced stability 2016-02-29
24 AI Unique personalities, threat assessments, AI budgeting 2016-03-07
25 Reverse Engineering and Unique Technologies Studying debris 2016-03-14
26 Migration, Slavery & Purges Policies concerning Migration, Slavery and Purges 2016-03-21
27 Music & Sound The soundtrack and sound design of Stellaris 2016-03-28
28 Project Lead speaks The project lead of Stellaris, Rikard "Zoft" Åslund speaks 2016-04-04
29 Pop Factions & Elections About populations (pops), factions and elections 2016-04-11
30 Late Game Crises About late game crises 2016-04-18
31 Modding (Scripting Anomalies) About modding in general, and scripting anomalies in particular 2016-04-25
32 Modding (Art) About modding art, with a focus on characters and ship modding 2016-05-02


Developer video diaries and developer's let's play sessions on the various expansions.

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Tour of the Galaxy Stellaris pre-order trailer recounting the game's features 2016-04-14
2 Leviathans - 1.3 Heinlein patch Anders "cKnoor" Carlsson drags Daniel "Grekulf" Moregård and Aziz Faghihinejad to go over the 1.3 (Heinlein) patch 2016-09-29
3 Leviathans - Feature Spotlight Martin "Wiz" Anward, Stellaris' game director, explains the new additions coming to the game in Leviathans 2016-10-17
4 EGX Rezzed - Utopia build ideas Daniel "Grekulf" Moregård shows some of his favorite builds to use Utopia 2017-03-30
5 EGX Rezzed - Alexis Kennedy Anders "cKnoor" Carlsson sits down with Alexis Kennedy to talk about his work on Horizon Signal for Stellaris 2017-04-01
6 Utopia - Feature Spotlight Martin "Wiz" Anward goes over the features in the coming Stellaris expansion Utopia 2017-04-03
7 Utopia - 1.6 Adams patch Wiz and cKnoor on the balance/bug-fix patch in the pipelines for Stellaris 2017-04-20
8 Tutorial - Colonization Martin "Wiz" Anward takes the place of your loyal advisor to instruct you on the process of colonization 2017-04-21
9 Design Corner #01 Martin Anward and & Daniel Moregård, Stellaris' game director and game designer, go through some of the design challenges with Stellaris and ideas of what might happen next: FTL, borders, combat, crises and more. 2017-04-27
10 Gamescom 2017 - Stellaris Q&A Daniel "Grekulf" Moregård and Susie respond to users inquires in Gamescom 2017 2017-08-23
Let's Plays
No. Video archive Description Start date End date
1 All hail Blorg, Space Friends Pre-release LP's of Stellaris by Martin "Wiz" Anward and Anders "cKnoor" Carlsson 2016-03-17 2016-05-26
2 Blorg Cinematic Universe Multiplayer event of Stellaris in London where devs and youtubers fight for dominance 2016-05-03 2016-05-04
3 Community Galaxy A new galaxy populated with community created species 2016-06-09 2016-08-04
4 Community Galaxy - The Rad A galaxy populated with community created species (and plantoids) 2016-08-11 2016-09-22
5 Cute Co-Op A new galaxy showcasing patch 1.3 (Heinlein) and the Leviathans story pack 2016-10-06 2016-12-08
6 Starcrossed Starfish Two sub-species, evil and good, vying for supremacy in an extra hot code preview of patch 1.4/Utopia 2017-02-02 2017-03-23
7 Devouring Flock Martin teaches Susie (new Stellaris community manager) how to play Stellaris while simultaneously checking out the Devouring Swarm Hivemind! 2017-06-15
8 RoBLORG Martin and Susie show off the upcoming Synthetic Dawn story pack by playing as a machine empire! 2017-08-03
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