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This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version of the game. It was last updated for 1.4.

If you want to contribute to this page, which is a work in progress, in the console type "help" to see the list of commands, then to see a description and parameter of a command, type "help [command-name]", and put the corresponding details into the list.

This page deals with commands used in the console. For the modding term, see commands.

This page lists the codes which may be input into the Console Window, a special debugging window which may be accessed on non-ironman games by pressing Shift+2, ALT+2+1, Shift+3,§, ~, ^, °, ², or ` (key varies based on keyboard layout). Press the up or down arrow keys to traverse through previously executed commands. Many codes can be turned off by repeating the command, but sometimes reloading the save or exiting the game is necessary.

List of Commands[edit]

Text within <> means you need to do the action for the command to work properly. For example <Select Planet> means a planet needs to be selected ingame before you execute the console command.

If you need to know something's ID, you can see it in its tooltip by using the command tweakergui debugtooltip(pre 1.1) or debugtooltip(1.1).Species IDs can be located in the species info tab.

Command Description Parameters Example
3dstats Toggles 3D Stats None 3dstats
activate_ascension_perk activates an ascension perk, put ap before the name of the perk None activate_ascension_perk ap_mind_over_matter
activate_tradition <name> activates an tradition perk (requires debugtooltip for names) None activate_tradition tr_prosperity_sct
add_anomaly Adds a anomaly category for a planet [anomaly category name] <Select Planet> add_anomaly life_asteroid_category
add_ethic_pop Add ethic to a pop [Pop ID] [Ethic Key] add_ethic_pop purged ethic_fanatic_collectivist
add_opinion Increases the sources opinion of target [source] [target] [amount] add_opinion 01 00 500
add_ship Creates a new fleet with one ship of named design [design name] add_ship Avatar
add_trait_leader Add trait to leader [leader id] [trait key or index] add_trait_leader 1 leader_trait_gale_speed
add_trait_species Add trait to species [species id] [trait key] add_trait_species 5 intelligent
ai Toggles the AI on or off None ai
ai_get_messages ai_get_messages None ai_get_messages
alerts.showall TODO None TODO
alienfx Attempt to change computer lights with Alien FX None TODO
ambient_object Spawns an ambient object of the specified type. [type] ambient_object medium_debris_02_object
applicationutils.update TODO None TODO
attackallfleets Makes all fleets target all other fleets None TODO
audio.compressor TODO None TODO
audio.debug TODO None TODO
audio.debug.extendedrange TODO None TODO
audio.debug.levels TODO None TODO
audio.debug.levelssamplerate TODO None TODO
audio.debugmax TODO None TODO
audio.debugmin TODO None TODO
blend_post_effect Blends to a new post effect setting [nSetting] [vTime] [nMode] TODO
bloom TODO None TODO
bombardeffecttest TODO None TODO
borders TODO None TODO
borders.tooltip TODO None TODO
borders.updatewheneverpossible TODO None TODO
borders.usemesh TODO None TODO
boundingvolumes TODO None TODO
cash Add [amount] of energy credits. Defaults to 5000. [amount] cash 500
clear_debug_lines TODO None TODO
clear_debug_strings TODO None TODO
collision TODO None TODO
collisions TODO None TODO
colonize Starts colonization process of the selected planet using a copy of the pop with the ID given. <select planet> [colonizer pop id] <select planet> colonize 1
combat.collision TODO None TODO
communications Enable/disable communication with all [target country id] TODO
contact Enable/disable contact with all None contact
control Used to occupy planets. If there is no war with the owner of [planet id] control will be reverted instantly. [planet id] control 50
copy_pop Copies a pop to the selected planet using the id of a single pop. [pop id] copy_pop 1247
crash Crash the game None crash
create_megastructure Creates a specific megastructure. [megastructure id] create_megastructure think_tank_1
createstratdata TODO None TODO
damage Selected ship takes x damage <Select Ship> damage 50
debug_achievements TODO None TODO
debug_achievements_clear TODO None TODO
debug_nomen All AI-controlled nations never agree with your deals and proposals. None debug_nomen
debug_yesmen All AI-controlled nations always agree with your deals and proposals. None debug_yesmen
debuglines Toggles debug lines on/off None debuglines
debugtexture Debug drawer for textures [texture name] [transparency] [alpha channel] debugtexture name 0,5 alpha
debugtooltip Reveals debug info in tooltips such as pop ID for pops, and planet ID for planets. None tweakergui debugtooltip(pre 1.1) or debugtooltip(1.1)
deltat Scales Delta Time with given value [delta_t] [scale value] TODO
democratic_election Start a democratic ruler election None TODO
deposits Shows stats for deposits None deposits
draw.asteroids Used with tweakergui. Toggles rendering of asteroid belts. None tweakergui draw.asteroids
draw.background Used with tweakergui. Toggles rendering of the background space texture. None tweakergui draw.background
draw.borders Used with tweakergui. Toggles rendering of border colors and empire icons. None tweakergui draw.borders Used with tweakergui. Toggles rendering of the galaxy center glow. None tweakergui
draw.clusters Used with tweakergui. Toggles rendering of white circles in the galaxy map. Empires seems to be distributed evenly across clusters. None tweakergui draw.clusters
draw.combatdebuglines Used with tweakergui. Toggles rendering of lines during combat showing which target a ship is focusing on. A line also shows where the ship was located before combat. None tweakergui draw.combatdebuglines
draw.dust Used with tweakergui. Toggles rendering of the galaxy dust. None tweakergui draw.dust
draw.greenscreen Used with tweakergui. Toggles rendering a green screen behind the background. Turning of the background (draw.background) will give you a totally greenscreened game that you can use for video purposes. You should also use line draw.navigationarrows and draw.systemlines. None tweakergui draw.greenscreen
draw.hyperlanes Used with tweakergui. Toggles rendering of hyperlanes. None tweakergui draw.hyperlanes
draw.names Used with tweakergui. Toggles rendering of empire and nebula names on the galaxy map. None tweakergui draw.names
draw.navigationarrows Used with tweakergui. Toggles rendering of the arrows and names towards neighbors of a system. (Crashed the game during first test, but might have been coincidence) None tweakergui draw.navigationarrows
draw.nebula Used with tweakergui. Toggles rendering of nebulas on the galaxy map. None tweakergui draw.nebula
draw.neighbors Used with with tweakergui. Toggles rendering of cyan and yellow lines in the starmap. Cyan lines are drawn from a system to its neighbouring systems. Yellow lines divides the map into cells with each cell beloning to a single system. None tweakergui draw.neighbors
draw.objects Used with tweakergui. Toggles rendering of stars, ships, stations, planets and arrows towards neighboring systems. None tweakergui draw.objects
draw.pathtosystem Used with tweakergui. Displays a slider with default value -1. When a ship is selected a path will be rendered from the ship's system towards the system corresponding to the ID in the slider. An ETA is displayed for every jump made. ETA says "X Days", but seems to be 10x the amount of ingame days needed. (Possibly game ticks) None tweakergui draw.pathtosystem
draw.sensor Used with tweakergui. Toggles the green dashed circle (ie. sensor range) around ships and owned systems. None tweakergui draw.sensor
draw.shipintersection Used with tweakergui. ? None tweakergui draw.shipintersection
draw.stars Used with tweakergui. Toggles rendering of stars and black holes on the galaxy map. None tweakergui draw.stars
draw.systeminit Used with tweakergui. Toggles rendering of the systems initialization template. I.e. a system starts with hostiles, made to suit as colony for nearby empire etc. None tweakergui draw.systeminit
draw.systemlines Used with tweakergui. Toggles rendering of systems planetary orbits, warp bounds and outer bounds. None tweakergui draw.systemlines
draw.tigrid Used with tweakergui. Toggles rendering of yellow grid in galaxy map. Use unknown. None tweakergui draw.tigrid
draw.trails Used with tweakergui. Toggles rendering of ships engine trails. None tweakergui draw.trails
draw.weaponlocators Used with tweakergui. Draws weapon locators. None tweakergui draw.weaponlocators
effect Executes an effect script. None effect crystal_hit_effect
election Starts a ruler election. None election Used with tweakergui. Enables AI. None tweakergui
enable.asserts Used with tweakergui. Enables asserts. None tweakergui enable.asserts
enable.framesmoothing Used with tweakergui. Enables frame smoothing. None tweakergui enable.framesmoothing
endscreen Used with tweakergui. Displays the endscreen. None tweakergui endscreen
engineering Add engineering tech points. Defaults to 5000. [amount] engineering 500
entity.names Used with tweakergui. Displays entity names. None tweakergui entity.names
entity.recursiveboundingvolumes Used with tweakergui. Displays recursive bounding volumes. None tweakergui entity.recursiveboundingvolumes
error Show errors in log None error
event Executes an event [event id] [target id] event story.5
event crisis.10/100/1000/2000 Executes a crisis event, 10 being Prethoryn Swarm, 100 Swarm Queen sub-event, 1000 Extradimensional Invaders and 2000 AI Rebellion [event id] crisis.[target id] event crisis.1000
eventscopes Prints the scope trees of current events None <Event open> eventscopes
eventstats Show event statistics. None eventstats
factions.showallfactions Prints all factions and information on them. None factions.showallfactions
factions.showattraction Prints attraction levels for every faction. None factions.showattraction
factions.spawnall Spawns all possible factions. None factions.spawnall
fast_forward Fast forward a set amount of days [amount of days] [observer] fast_forward 100
filewatcher Toggles filewatcher None filewatcher
finish_research Finishes all active research. None finish_research
finish_special_projects Finishes all special projects None finish_special_projects
force_integrate forces [target_id] to integrate into player's empire. force_integrate [target_id] force_integrate 5
free_government Toggles allowing player to change governments without the time limit None free_government
free_policies Toggles allowing player to change policies without restriction, including policies previously disabled. None free_policies
ftl Enable/Disable unlimited FTL None ftl
fullscreen Toggles fullscreen None fullscreen
game_over Executes the specified type of Game Over [victory type index] game_over 0
gfxculture Sets graphical culture for player country [culture key] gfxculture mammalian_01
goto Moves camera to position [x] [y] goto 10 10
grow_pops Adds a growing pop to target planet. Adding a number after the command speed up the growing pop. 10 = 1 unit None <Select Planet> grow_pops 100
gui.wireframe Used with tweakergui. Displays the wireframe of the GUI. None tweakergui gui.wireframe
guibounds Displays the bounds of GUI elements None guibounds `
hdr Toggles HDR None hdr
help Prints the help documentation for a command. [command name] help human_ai
helphelp No help for you! None helphelp
hsv Converts RGB to HSV None hsv 25 25 25
human_ai Toggles AI for Human countries None human_ai
influence Add [amount]. Defaults to 5000. [amount] influence 500
info Toggles Debug info. None info
instant_build Will instantly finish building of tile buildings, upgrades, ships, stations. WARNING: This also applies to enemy AI. Toggle on and off. instant_build
instant_colony Used with tweakergui. Colony ships will no longer take time to settle. Toggle on and off. tweakergui instant_colony
instant_move Used with tweakergui. Ships will teleport instantly to right click cursor. FTL has no spool up or travel time. Toggle on and off. tweakergui instant_move
intel Sets intel level on discovered space. Toggles between low and high. [bool] intel 1
invincible Player ships will not take damage. None invincible
kill_country Kills current country. None kill_country
kill_leader Kills specified leader. [leader id] kill_leader ?
kill_pop Kills current population [pop id] kill_pop 745
kill_ruler Kills current ruler. None Kills current ruler.
lockcamera Lock's the camera to the current position. [debug_lockcamera, lockcamera] lockcamera
map_names Regenerates map names. None map_names
mature_galaxy Simulates a 100 years old galaxy. None mature_galaxy
maxfps Used with tweakergui. Limits the maximum FPS. Defaults to no limit (0). None tweakergui maxfps
memtest Used to test for memory leakage with certain functions. [iterations] memtest 1
mesh.miplevels Used with tweakergui. ? None tweakergui mesh.miplevels
mesh.names Used with tweakergui. Displays the names of the .mesh file used for each model. tweakergui mesh.names
mesh.texturenames Used with tweakergui. Displays the folder/filename of textures used for each model. None tweakergui mesh.texturenames
mesh.wireframe Used with tweakergui. Toggles the wireframe for models. None tweakergui mesh.wireframe
message Shows every message type on the top bar. None message
minerals Add minerals. Defaults to 5000. [amount] minerals 500
missilegfx.extratimepertick Used with tweakergui. ? None tweakergui missilegfx.extratimepertick
missilegfx.slowdownradius Used with tweakergui. ? None tweakergui missilegfx.slowdownradius
music.fade Used with tweakergui. ? None tweakergui music.fade Used with tweakergui. ? None tweakergui
no_resources Used with tweakergui. ? None tweakergui no_resources
nogui Toggles GUI on/off None nogui
nomouse Toggles mouse scrollwheel on\off None nomouse
nomen Toggles nomen on/off None nomen
normals Used with tweakergui. Displays normalisation points on each mode. None tweakergui normals
observe Switches to observer mode None observe
overnight Sets the game up for an overnight session [ticks per turn] overnight 2
own Take ownership and control of the specified planet [planet id] [paint] own 5
particle Toggles particle debug info. None particle crystal_hit_effect
particle.miplevels TODO None TODO
particle.useringbuffer TODO None TODO
particle.wireframe TODO None TODO
particle_editor Spawns a particle editor. None particle_editor
path Finds path between stars. [from index] [to index] path 0 1
pathfindcache Used with tweakergui. ? None tweakergui pathfindcache
peace_on_player Targeted country offers peace on player. [country id] peace_on_player 05
physics Add physics tech points. Defaults to 5000. [amount] physics 500
planet_class Changes the selected Planets Class to the new specified class. [planet class name] <Select Planet> planet_class pc_tropical
planet_happiness Increases Happiness on selected planet, more specifically, adds a + happiness buff to the planet, however, will not exceed max happiness govern by other factors [amount] <Select Planet> planet_happiness 100
planet_resource Adds resources to the population tiles. The amount entered will be the total of the resource in random tiles. [resource] [amount] <Select Planet> planet_resource minerals 50
planet_size Adjusts the visual AND tile size, max tile size is 25, but visually planet will keep increasing after 25. WARNING: CAN AND WILL BREAK GAME WITH EXTREME SIZES. [planet size] <Select Planet> planet_size 25
planets Lists every type of planet and the amount of each. None planets
play Allows you to switch to playing another empire using its two-digit ID. 00 is the player empire, AI empires are 01 and above. [tag] [country index] play 01
pop_happiness Used with tweakergui. Forces pop happiness to specific level. None tweakergui pop_happiness
popfactionlogs Used with tweakergui. ? None tweakergui popfactionlogs
populate Fills all free slots on selected planet with pop. (Doesn't remove tile blockers.) [planet] [Select Planet] populate
portraits Used with tweakergui. ? None tweakergui portraits
portraits.poplevel Used with tweakergui. ? None tweakergui portraits.poplevel
pp Gives the player minerals [amount] pp 1000
production Dumps some debug info about production None production
profiler.dump TODO None TODO
random_ruler Replace ruler with a new random ruler. None random_ruler
recalc_fleet_presence Recalculates fleet presence cache, useful if loading old saves. None recalc_fleet_presence
reload Reloads assets [file name] reload main.gui
reload_galaxy Reload system initilizer scripts and re-generate galaxy None TODO
reload_graphical_map Reloads the graphical map None reload_graphical_map
reloadfx Reloads the shader [arguments: map/mapname/postfx or *.fx filename] reloadfx arrow
remove_ethic_pop Removes a ethic from a target pop. [pop id] [ethic key] remove_ethic_pop ? ethic_xenophobe
remove_notification Removes all notifications belonging to the player [amount] remove_notification 1
remove_trait_leader Removes a trait from a leader. [leader id] [trait key or index] remove_trait_leader 17 trait_leader_meticulous
remove_trait_species Remove trait from species [species id] [trait key] remove_trait_species 5 intelligent
rendertype Prints the current` rendering type. None rendertype
research_technologies Instantly researches all non-repeatable technologies. Boolean instantly researches all technologies, including creature and crisis techs if argument is 1
resource Add [amount] of [resource]. Defaults to 5000. [amount] resource minerals 500
resources Show stats for resources None resources
reverse_diplo Sends a diplomatic command from the target to the player. [diplo] [id] reverse_diplo action_invite_to_alliance 01
run Runs the specified file with list of commands. File should be placed in \\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\. None run group_commands.txt
scaling Enables/disable scaling of models. None scaling
shield.contantsize TODO None TODO
shield.entity TODO None TODO
shield.spam TODO None TODO
shield.merge TODO None TODO
ship.nlips TODO None TODO
showskeleton Used with tweakergui. Shows the skeleton of models ingame. None tweakergui showskeleton
skills Adds an amount of skill to every leader under player control. [amount] skills 5
smooth Toggle framesmoothing None smooth
society Add society tech points. Defaults to 5000. [amount] society 500
spawnentity Spawns specified entity at cursor position. The entity names are found in the gfx folder in the .asset files. [entity name] spawnentity test_object_entity
species_class_all_playable Used with tweakergui. ? None tweakergui species_class_all_playable
species_class_all_randomized Used with tweakergui. ? None tweakergui species_class_all_randomized
srgb Toggles sRGB None srgb
surrender Surrender and gives in to all demands. Using only [country id] parameter lists wars with their appropriate war_ids for given country. [country id] [war id] List all wars for country with country_id = 5 along with their war_ids: surrender 5. Force country with country_id = 5 to surrender in war with war_id = 19975: surrender 5 19975.
survey Survey all planets None survey
observe Reveals everything on the map, but you can not play. Use play x command, to resume playing None observe
play x Continue playing after observing None play x
techupdate Re-generates the tech tree of the player None techupdate
techweights Prints weights for the tech tree of the player [tech area] techweights phy
terraforming_resources Sets the amount of terraforming resources on a planet. [amount] <Select Planet> terraforming_resources 10`
terraincognita Used with tweakergui. Used to reveal all uncharted space. None tweakergui terraincognita
test_achievement Used to test an achievement trigger [achievement] test_achievement achievement_colonize
threading.enableparallelfor Used with tweakergui. ? None tweakergui threading.enableparallelfor
threading.usetbbparallelfor Used with tweakergui. ? None tweakergui threading.usetbbparallelfor
ti_paint Used with tweakergui. Allows you to 'paint' away uncharted space. None tweakergui ti_paint
ticks_per_turn Controls the number of ticks per turn [amount of ticks] ticks_per_turn 10
time Returns the local system time None time
trigger Tests a trigger script (*.txt) when placed in the \\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\ folder [trigger script] trigger test_trigger
trigger_docs Prints docs for triggers and effects None trigger_docs
tweakergui Allows you to use certain commands [tweaker variable] tweakergui ti_paint
update.animations TODO None TODO
update.particles TODO None TODO
unlock_edicts Gives ability to enact any edict, also those which would not be intended for player use. None unlock_edicts
unity Adds unity [amount] unity 5000
us Toggles the drawing of uncharted space None TODO
volume Modifies music volume [volume delta] volume 20
war_on_player Forces the target country to declare war on the player [country id] war_on_player 05
warscore Adds the given warscore for all of an empire's active wars [amount] warscore 75
window Opens an GUI window element [arguments open/close] [window gui name] window open advisor_window
wireframe Toggles forced wireframe on/off None wireframe
yesmen toggles yesmen on/off None yesmen

List of Resources[edit]

These can be used with the planet_resource command and resource command. Usage with other commands is currently unconfirmed.

Resource ID
Energy energy
Minerals minerals
Food food
Physics Research physics_research
Society Research society_research
Engineering Research engineering_research
Influence influence
Unity unity
Terraforming Gases sr_terraform_gases
Terraforming Liquids sr_terraform_liquids
Garanthium Ore sr_garanthium
Lythuric Gas sr_lythuric
Engos Vapor sr_engos
Teldar Crystals sr_teldar
Pitharan Dust sr_pitharan
Orillium Ore sr_orillium
Satramene Gas sr_satramene
Neutronium Ore sr_neutronium
Living Metal sr_living_metal
Zro Distillation sr_zro
Alien Pets sr_alien_pets
Betharian Stone sr_betharian
Dark Matter sr_dark_matter
Yurantic Crystals sr_yuranic
Riggan Spice sr_riggan
XuraGel sr_xuran
Muutagan Crystals sr_muutagan

List of Planet Classes[edit]

These can be used with the planet_class command.

Class ID
Desert pc_desert
Tropical pc_tropical
Arid pc_arid
Continental pc_continental
Ocean pc_ocean
Tundra pc_tundra
Arctic pc_arctic
Alpine pc_alpine
Savannah pc_savannah
Gas Giant pc_gas_giant
Asteroid pc_asteroid
Molten pc_molten
Barren pc_barren
Barren (Cold) pc_barren_cold
Toxic pc_toxic
Frozen pc_frozen
Tomb pc_nuked
Shielded pc_shielded
AI pc_ai
Infested pc_infested
Shrouded pc_shrouded
Gaia pc_gaia
B Star pc_b_star
A Star pc_a_star
F Star pc_f_star
G Star pc_g_star
K Star pc_k_star
M Star pc_m_star
Black Hole pc_black_hole
Neutron Star pc_neutron_star
Pulsar pc_pulsar
Ringworld (Habitable) pc_ringworld_habitable
Ringworld (Habitable Damaged) pc_ringworld_habitable_damaged
Ringworld (Tech) pc_ringworld_tech
Ringworld (Tech Damaged) pc_ringworld_tech_damaged
Ringworld (Seam) pc_ringworld_seam
Ringworld (Seam Damaged) pc_ringworld_seam_damaged
Orbital Habitat pc_habitat

List of Traits (Species)[edit]

These can be used with the add_trait_species and remove_trait_species command. Usage with other commands is currently unconfirmed.

"add_trait_species yes trait_agrarian" "remove_trait_species yes trait_agrarian"

Trait Key Trait Name Effect of Trait Exclusive with Possible Initial Trait?
trait_agrarian Agrarian.png Agrarian * Food: +15% None Yes
trait_thrifty Thrifty.png Thrifty * Energy Credits: +15% None Yes
trait_industrious Industrious.png Industrious * Minerals: +15% None Yes
trait_intelligent Intelligent.png Intelligent * Engineering Output: +10%
* Physics Output: +10%
* Society Output: +10%
None Yes
trait_natural_engineers Natural Engineers.png Natural Engineers * Engineering Output: +15% Natural Physicists
Natural Sociologist
trait_natural_physicists Natural Physicists.png Natural Physicists * Physics Output: +15% Natural Engineers
Natural Sociologist
trait_natural_sociologists Natural Sociologists.png Natural Sociologists * Society Output: +15% Natural Engineers
Natural Physicists
trait_extremely_adaptive Extremely Adaptive.png Extremely Adaptive * Habitability: +20% Adaptive
trait_adaptive Adaptive.png Adaptive * Habitability: +10% Extremely Adaptive
trait_nonadaptive Nonadaptive.png Nonadaptive * Habitability: -10% Extremely Adaptive
trait_rapid_breeders Rapid Breeders.png Rapid Breeders * Growth Time: -10% Slow Breeders Yes
trait_slow_breeders Slow Breeders.png Slow Breeders * Growth Time: +15% Rapid Breeders Yes
trait_talented Talented.png Talented * Leader Skill Levels: +1 None Yes
trait_quick_learners Quick Learners.png Quick Learners * Leader Experience Gain: +25% Slow Learners Yes
trait_slow_learners Slow Learners.png Slow Learners * Leader Experience Gain: -25% Quick Learners Yes
trait_very_strong Very Strong.png Very Strong * Army Damage: +40%
* Minerals: +10%
trait_strong Strong.png Strong * Army Damage: +20%
* Minerals: +5%
Very Strong
trait_weak Weak.png Weak * Army Damage: -20% Very Strong
trait_nomadic Nomadic.png Nomadic * Migration Time: -50%
* Resettlement Cost: -33%
Sedentary Yes
trait_sedentary Sedentary.png Sedentary * Migration Time: +50%
* Resettlement Cost: +33%
None Yes
trait_communal Communal.png Communal * Happiness: +5% Solitary Yes
trait_solitary Solitary.png Solitary * Happiness: -5% Communal Yes
trait_charismatic Charismatic.png Charismatic * Other Species Happiness per pop: +1% Repugnant Yes
trait_repugnant Repugnant.png Repugnant * Other Species Happiness per pop: -1% Charismatic Yes
trait_conformists Conformists.png Conformists * Ethics Divergence: -20% None Yes
trait_venerable Venerable.png Venerable * Leader Lifespan: +120 Enduring
trait_enduring Enduring.png Enduring * Leader Lifespan: +30 Venerable
trait_conservational Conservationist * Consumer Goods Consumption: -20% Wasteful Yes
trait_fleeting Fleeting.png Fleeting * Leader Lifespan: -15 Venerable
trait_decadent Decadent.png Decadent * Resource Output without Slaves: -10% None Yes
trait_resilient Resilient.png Resilient * Garrison Health: +100%
* Fortification Defensive Bonus: +50%
None Yes
trait_presentient_irradiated Irradiated Irradiated * Tomb World Habitability: +100%
* Leader Lifespan: +30
None No
trait_presentient_earthbound Trait primitive.png Earthbound * Leader Experience Gain: -25%
* Energy Credits: +15%
* Army Damage: +20%
* Other Species Happiness: -5%
None No
trait_presentient_proles Trait primitive.png Proles * Minerals: 30%
* Physics Output: -15%
* Engineering Output: -15%
* Society Output: -15% 
None No
presentient_natural_savants Natural Savants * Physics Output: +20%
* Energy Credits: -10%
* Minerals: -20%
None No
presentient_natural_intellectuals Trait primitive.png Natural Intellectuals * Society Output: +20%
* Energy Credits: -10%
* Minerals: -20%
None No
presentient_natural_inventors Natural Inventors * Engineering Output: +20%
* Energy Credits: -10%
* Minerals: -20%
None No
trait_uplifted Trait uplifted.png Uplifted * Happiness: +20% when living under the rule of the nation that uplifted them None No
trait_mechanical Mechanical None No
trait_robotic_1 Robot None No
trait_robotic_2 Droid None No
trait_robotic_3 Synthetic None No
Planet Preference Trait Trait ID
Desert trait_pc_desert_preference
Tropical trait_pc_tropical_preference
Arid trait_pc_arid_preference
Continental trait_pc_continental_preference
Ocean trait_pc_ocean_preference
Tundra trait_pc_tundra_preference
Arctic trait_pc_arctic_preference
Alpine trait_pc_alpine_preference
Savannah trait_pc_savannah_preference
Tomb World trait_pc_nuked_preference

List of Traits (Leaders)[edit]

These can be used with the add_trait_leader and remove_trait_leader command. Use tweakergui debugtooltip(pre 1.1) or debugtooltip(1.1) command to find the id of leaders.

  • Example of console command: "add_trait_leader 4 leader_trait_adaptable"
  • For Rulers: "add_trait_leader 0 trait_ruler_architectural_sense"

Generic Leader ID numbers are generated in every new game as follows (tested on 5/18/16 version 1.0.2):

0 - Faction Leader/Ruler

1 - Admiral Pool Leader #1 ; 2 - Admiral Pool Leader #2 ; 3 - Admiral Pool Leader #3

4 - General Pool Leader #1 ; 5 - General Pool Leader #2 ; 6 - General Pool Leader #3

7 - Scientist Pool Leader #1 ; 8 - Scientist Pool Leader #2 ; 9 - Scientist Pool Leader #3

10 - Governor Pool Leader #1 ; 11 - Governor Pool Leader #2 ; 12 - Governor Pool Leader #3

13 - Active Governor ; 14 - Active Scientist #4 ; 15 - Active Scientist #3 ; 16 - Active Scientist #2 ; 17 - Active Scientist #1

Trait Key Name Effect Leader Types Applicable to
leader_trait_adaptable Leader trait adaptable.png Adaptable * +15% Leader Experience Gain *Admiral
leader_trait_stubborn Leader trait stubborn.png Stubborn * -15% Leader Experience Gain *Admiral
leader_trait_eager Leader trait eager.png Eager * -33% Mod leader influence cost.png Leader Recruitment Cost *Admiral
leader_trait_resilient Resilient.png Resilient * +20 Leader Age *Admiral
leader_trait_substance_abuser Leader trait substance abuser.png Substance Abuser * -20 Leader Age *Admiral
leader_trait_arrested_development Leader trait arrested development.png Arrested Development * -100% Leader Experience Gain *Admiral
leader_trait_agrarian_upbringing Leader trait agrarian upbringing.png Agrarian Upbringing * +10% Food.png Food
* -20% Mod planet building cost mult.png Hydroponic Farms Build Cost
leader_trait_army_veteran Leader trait army veteran.png Army Veteran * +20% Mod army build speed mult.png Army Build Speed
* -20% Mod planet army build cost mult.png Army Cost
* +50% Mod army health.png Garrison Health
leader_trait_retired_fleet_officer Leader trait retired fleet officer.png Retired Fleet Officer * +20% Mod ship build speed mult.png Ship Build Speed
* -10% Mod spaceport ship build cost mult.png Ship Cost
* -10% Spaceport Module Cost
leader_trait_environmental_engineer Leader trait environmental engineer.png Environmental Engineer * -25% Mod planet clear blocker cost mult.png Clear Blocker Cost
* -25% Mod planet clear blocker time mult.png Clear Blocker Time
leader_trait_iron_fist Leader trait iron fist.png Iron Fist * +1 Slave mineral output.png Slave Mineral Output
* +15% Slave food output.png Slave Food Output
leader_trait_intellectual Leader trait intellectual.png Intellectual * +10% Engineering Research.png Engineering Output
* +10% Physics Research.png Physics Output
* +10% Society Research.png Society Output
trait_ruler_architectural_sense Trait ruler architectural sense.png Architectural Sense * -10% Mod planet building cost mult.png Building Cost *Ruler
trait_ruler_champion_of_the_people Trait ruler champion of the people.png Champion of the People * +10% Mod pop happiness.png Happiness *Ruler
trait_ruler_deep_connections Trait ruler deep connections.png Deep Connections * +1 Influence Gain *Ruler
trait_ruler_charismatic Leader trait charismatic.png Charismatic Leader * -20% Mod country edict influence cost.png Edict Cost
* +25% Mod country edict length mult.png Edict Duration
trait_ruler_warlike Leader trait aggressive.png Warlike * +5% Weapon Damage
  • +10%% Army Damage
trait_ruler_corvette_focus Trait ruler corvette focus.png Corvette Focus * -20% Mod spaceport ship build cost mult.png Corvette Build cost *Ruler
trait_ruler_destroyer_focus Trait ruler destroyer focus.png Destroyer Focus * -20% Mod spaceport ship build cost mult.png Destroyer Build cost *Ruler
trait_ruler_cruiser_focus Trait ruler cruiser focus.png Cruiser Focus * -20% Mod spaceport ship build cost mult.png Cruiser Build cost *Ruler
trait_ruler_battleship_focus Trait ruler battleship focus.png Battleship Focus * -20% Mod spaceport ship build cost mult.png Battleship Build cost *Ruler
trait_ruler_recruiter Recruiter * +20% Mod army morale.png Army Morale
* -20% Mod planet army build cost mult.png Army Cost
trait_ruler_from_the_ranks Ruler From The Ranks * +1 Army Ranks *Ruler (disabled in 1.5)
trait_ruler_fortifier Fortifier * −20% Defense Platform Build Cost
  • −20% Defense Platform Upkeep
  • −20% Defense Station Build Cost
  • −20% Defense Station Upkeep
  • −20% Fortress Build Cost
  • −20% Fortress Upkeep
trait_ruler_logistic_understanding Logistic Understanding * -5% Mod spaceport ship build cost mult.png Ship Upkeep Cost
* -10% Mod army upkeep mult.png Army Upkeep Cost
trait_ruler_military_pioneer Military Pioneer * -5% Ship Upgrade Cost
* +10% Mod spaceport ship build cost mult.png Ship Build cost
trait_ruler_frontier_spirit Trait ruler frontier spirit.png Frontier Spirit * -35% Colony Ship Cost
* +25% Colonization Speed
trait_ruler_world_shaper World shaper World Shaper * -25% Terraform Station Build Cost
* -25% Terraforming Cost
* -15% Mod planet clear blocker time mult.png Clear Blocker Time
trait_ruler_expansionist Trait ruler expansionist.png Expansionist * -15% Frontier Outpost Build Cost * −15% Colony Influence Cost *Ruler
trait_ruler_fertility_preacher Trait ruler fertility preacher.png Fertility Preacher * +10% Food.png Food *Ruler
trait_ruler_home_in_the_sky Trait ruler home in the sky.png Home in the Sky * -20% Mod country spaceport cost mult.png Spaceport Build Cost
* -20% Mod spaceport module cost mult.png Module Cost
trait_ruler_industrialist Trait ruler industrialist.png Industrialist * +10% Minerals.png Minerals *Ruler
trait_ruler_investor Trait ruler investor.png Investor * +10% Energy Credits.png Energy Credits *Ruler
trait_ruler_eye_for_talent Trait ruler eye for talent.png Eye for Talent * +1 Leader Skill Levels
* +25% Leader Influence Cost
trait_ruler_explorer Trait ruler explorer.png Explorer * -25% Science Ship Build Cost
* +33% Anomaly Research Speed
leader_trait_fleet_organizer Leader trait fleet organizer.png Fleet Organizer * +30% Navy Size *Ruler
leader_trait_hive_mind Auth hive mind.png Hive Mind * +40 Navy Size *Ruler
leader_trait_nervous Leader trait nervous.png Nervous * -20% Navy Size *Ruler
trait_ruler_space_miner Trait ruler space miner.png Space Miner * -25% Constructor Build Cost
* -25% Mining Station Build Cost
leader_trait_reformer Trait ruler reformer.png Reformer * +10% monthly Unity.png unity *Ruler
leader_trait_careful Leader trait careful.png Careful * -10% Anomaly Fail Risk *Scientist
leader_trait_meticulous Leader trait meticulous.png Meticulous * +10% Anomaly discovery chance.png Anomaly Discovery Chance *Scientist
leader_trait_spark_of_genius Leader trait lightbulb on.png Spark of Genius * +10% Mod country all tech research speed.png Research Speed
*Increase chance to discover rare techs
leader_trait_carefree Leader trait carefree.png Carefree * +35% Anomaly Research Speed *Scientist
leader_trait_roamer Leader trait roamer.png Roamer * +25% Survey Speed *Scientist
leader_trait_archaeologist Leader trait archaeologist.png Archaeologist * Ancient civilization Anomalies:
** +50% Anomaly Research Speed
** -25% Anomaly Fail Risk
leader_trait_paranoid Leader trait paranoid.png Paranoid * -5% Research Speed
* -10% Anomaly Research Speed
leader_trait_maniacal Leader trait maniacal.png Maniacal * +5% Research Speed
*Increase chance to discover risky techs
leader_trait_custom_AI_assistant Leader trait custom AI assistant.png Custom AI Assistant * +5% Mod country all tech research speed.png Research Speed
* +10% Mod ship science survey speed.png Survey Speed
* +10% Anomaly research speed.png Anomaly Research Speed
leader_trait_sentient_AI_assistant Leader trait sentient AI assistant.png Sentient AI Assistant * +10% Mod country all tech research speed.png Research Speed
* +20% Mod ship science survey speed.png Survey Speed
* +30% Anomaly research speed.png Anomaly Research Speed
leader_trait_curator Leader trait curator.png Curator * +15% Mod country all tech research speed.png Research Speed
* +20% Mod ship science survey speed.png Survey Speed
* -15% Anomaly Fail Risk
leader_trait_expertise_materials Materials.png Expertise: Materials * +10% Mod country all tech research speed.png Materials Research Speed *Scientist
leader_trait_expertise_rocketry Rocketry.png Expertise: Rocketry * +10% Mod country all tech research speed.png Materials Research Speed *Scientist
leader_trait_expertise_voidcraft Voidcraft.png Expertise: Voidcraft * +10% Mod country all tech research speed.png Voidcraft Research Speed *Scientist
leader_trait_expertise_industry Industry.png Expertise: Industry * +10% Mod country all tech research speed.png Industry Research Speed *Scientist
leader_trait_expertise_field_manipulation Field Manipulation.png Expertise: Field Manipulation * +10% Mod country all tech research speed.png Field Manipulation Research Speed *Scientist
leader_trait_expertise_particles Particles.pngExpertise: Particles * +10% Mod country all tech research speed.png Particles Research Speed *Scientist
leader_trait_expertise_computing Computing.pngExpertise: Computing * +10% Mod country all tech research speed.png Computing Research Speed *Scientist
leader_trait_expertise_psionics Psionics.pngExpertise: Psionics * +10% Mod country all tech research speed.png Psionics Research Speed *Scientist
leader_trait_expertise_new_worlds New Worlds.png Expertise: New Worlds * +10% Mod country all tech research speed.png New Worlds Research Speed *Scientist
leader_trait_expertise_statecraft Statecraft.png Expertise: Statecraft * +10% Mod country all tech research speed.png Statecraft Research Speed *Scientist
leader_trait_expertise_biology Biology.png Expertise: Biology * +10% Mod country all tech research speed.png Biology Research Speed *Scientist
leader_trait_expertise_military_theory Military Theory.png Expertise: Military Theory * +10% Mod country all tech research speed.png Military Theory Research Speed *Scientist
leader_trait_towel Leader trait scroll.png Towel-bearer * +25% Mod ship science survey speed.png Survey Speed
* −50% Anomaly Fail Risk
leader_trait_trickster Leader trait trickster.png Trickster * +10% Mod ship evasion mult.png Evasion *Admiral
leader_trait_fleet_logistician Leader trait fleet logistician.png Fleet Logistician * -15% Mod ship upkeep mult.png Ship Upkeep *Admiral
leader_trait_engineer Engineer * Monthly +2% Hull Regeneration *Admiral
leader_trait_aggressive Leader trait aggressive.png Aggressive * +10% Mod ship fire rate mult.png Fire Rate *Admiral
leader_trait_cautious Leader trait cautious.png Cautious * +15% Mod ship evasion mult.png Evasion *Admiral
leader_trait_scout Leader trait scout.png Scout * +25% Mod planet sensor range mult.png Sensor Range *Admiral
leader_trait_unyielding Leader trait unyielding.png Unyielding * +10% Mod ship hitpoints add.png Ship Hull Points *Admiral
leader_trait_gale_speed Gale-Speed * +5% Mod ship evasion mult.png Evasion
* +20% Ship speed Sublight Speed
* +20% 'Speed'
leader_trait_lethargic Leader trait lethargic.png Lethargic * -5% Mod ship evasion mult.png Evasion
* -20% Ship speed Sublight Speed
* -20% Mod ship fire rate mult.png Fire Rate
leader_trait_sentinel Sentinel * +20% Damage vs. Swarm *Admiral
leader_trait_hive_affinity Hive Affinity * +20% Mod ship fire rate mult.png Fire Rate *Admiral
leader_trait_void_swimmer Void Swimmer * +20% Ship speed Speed
* +20% Ship speed Combat Speed
leader_trait_ethereal Etheral * +20% Mod ship evasion mult.png Evasion *Admiral
leader_trait_dimensional_stutter Dimensional Stutter * +20% Ship speed Speed
* +20% Ship speed Combat Speed
leader_trait_defender Leader trait defender.png Defender * +20% Mod army morale.png Army Morale on Defense
* +20% Mod army damage mult.png Army Damage on Defense
leader_trait_attacker Leader trait attacker.png Invader * +20% Mod army morale.png Army Morale on Attack
* +20% Mod army damage mult.png Army Damage on Attack
leader_trait_glory_seeker Leader trait glory seeker.png Glory Seeker * +5% Mod army morale.png Army Morale
* +10% Mod army damage mult.png Army Damage
leader_trait_charismatic Leader trait charismatic.png charismatic leader Charismatic * +25% Mod army morale.png Army Morale *General
leader_trait_butcher Leader trait butcher.png Butcher * +10% Mod army damage mult.png Army Damage *General
leader_trait_armchair_commander Leader trait armchair commander.png Armchair Commander * -10% Mod army morale.png Army Morale
* -10% Mod army damage mult.png Army Damage
leader_trait_army_logistician Leader trait army logistician.png Army Logistician * -20% Mod army upkeep mult.png Army Upkeep *General


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